Joel, and the Day of the Lord

Read 164.) Joel, from 1:1, thru the end at 3:21. Scholars tells that they believe this second minor writing prophet put pen to papyrus in the time of 830 to 825 BC, during the early years of this new child-king in Judah, Joash. The occasion would appear to have been a devastating drought and locust plague brought upon Judah by the Lord as a judgment and a warning for the purpose of calling the nation back unto Him, after turning away during the reign of prior kings. The judgment served as the perfect occasion to call Judah to repentance with sackcloth and fasting, and was also an illustration of the dread that would one day come over all the earth, during that time of God’s judgment to come in that period we see called, “the day of the Lord.” This is one of those expressions we look for to learn of details of the future, 7-year time period we refer to as The Great Tribulation.

We find the expression in 1:15, but it is after we see it a second time in 2:1, that it appears that the final, future end-time scenario is in full view before us. Note what will take place. It looks to open with the final great invasion of the armed forces of the nations of the world, come to affect, once and for all, the Final Solution… rid the earth of every last Jew in Israel. Do you know this theme? If you pay close attention, you can hear it in the news almost everyday, these days! This scene culminates with the over-running of Jerusalem in verses 9 and 10. But see how that verse 10 prophesies the Lord’s arrival to deliver a surviving remnant of Israel to be found in Jerusalem and to end this war on His people with verse 11. The picture is detailed for us in Revelation 19, beginning with verse 11. Though the passage is prophecy, its application is the same as the previous trouble spoken of… it is a cause for deep humiliation and repentance on the part of anyone who contemplates this incredible disaster to come from the Lord.

2:18 thru 20 speaks again to the very time of the Lord’s return in 2:11, and tells of His deliverance of those Jews that still live at that moment. Another of the “word clues” we seek is the expression found there, “never again.” He tells us that when He returns, He will utterly destroy the invading armies of the nations. The remainder of chapter 2 then expresses what conditions will become for Israel during the next end-times period of the Millennial Kingdom under King Messiah, Jesus Christ; with verses 28 thru 3:2, coming right back to that time when Israel is being slaughtered and the Lord returns to save the remnant survivors.

Chapter 3 is full of future prophetic content as well, with verses 9 thru 26 going to the 7-years of Tribulation and the Day of the Lord; and the chapter closing with Millennium blessings for the 1000 year end-time period. The armies of the nations gather in Israel to annihilate Jewry there, but the Lord returns to save the remnant survivors; and then this is followed with unprecedented blessing upon surviving Israel from the very beginning of the 1000-year Millennial Kingdom of King Jesus. This, too, is most certainly what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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