Jesus: The Source of Our Eternal Salvation!

Read 357.) Hebrews, chapters 1 thru 6. Hebrews is a truly amazing book. Who wrote it? We don’t know. Probably not Paul, and possibly Apollos, Acts 18:24-28. It was written to Jews who had professed faith in Jesus as the Messiah, but because of the high personal cost, were considering falling back into Judaism. The writer wants them to understand the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus. It was no doubt written before AD 70. Beginning in chapter 1, Jesus is presented in all His glory as 1.)God’s Son, v.2+3, 2.)Creator, v.2, 3.)Sustainer, v.3, 4.)Redeemer, v.3, and 5.)superior to all the angels, v.4. Landing here, the writer goes on to prove from the Old Testament Christ’s superiority to angels. Why would anyone today try to go to angels, when they could have Christ?

In chapter 2, they are admonished not to drift away. But note v.3+4 carefully, as there are 3 parties here; salvation was announced by 1.)the Lord, confirmed by 2.)those who heard Him, those being His Apostles, and confirmed to 3.)us who heard them, God confirming it by signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please know those things were apostolic, and ceased with them, once the announced message had been confirmed. This took an entire generation. From angels, the writer goes on to state that Jesus is 6.)Lord, 2:5-9, but became a man, 2:9-14, so that He might die and destroy the devil, 2:14+15. In so doing, Jesus then became our 7.) One, great High Priest. Having establish Jesus as the only High Priest, the writer goes on to express both His functions, and 8.)His superiority to even Moses! As High Priest, Jesus is the atonement to God for our sins, 2:17. He now represents His people before God, 5:1, and is the source of our eternal salvation, 5:9. To do this, He was called of God, 5:4-6, and was qualified to become High Priest by His reverent submission and obedience, 5:7+8. And, by His suffering and death, He became our perfect sacrifice and High Priest, 5:8+9.

So, do not turn away, 3:7-19, but believe! For those who continue in Christ, there is this tremendous spiritual Sabbath-Rest, 3:11, 18, 4:1-11. It is entered into only be faith, 3:6, 14, 19, 4:2+3. Jesus becomes our High priest, when we trust in Him, 4:14, and enter into our salvation’s rest, 4:3. See what access this gives us to God in prayer, 4:16, Eph.3:12. Chapter 6 does not teach the loss of salvation in verses 4 thru 8, but as verses 9-12 say, the writer is confident of their salvation, as it is entirely secured in the certainty of the very promise of God, which He swore on oath to uphold, just as 6:13 thru 20 plainly declare. His promise is, “an anchor for our soul, firm and secure!” It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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