Just Two People, and Two Ends

Read 365.) Revelation 19:11 thru chapter 22. I started this blog November 21st, 2013. With our final reading, we come to the end of the Bible and the end of the world. In the end, it really comes down to: Just two people, and two ends. And, every reader gets to decide for themselves which end shall be theirs, but only while they yet live!

With 19:11, we have the height, the epitome, of the book of Revelation. It is The Revelation, The Return, The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to take what is rightfully His, remake it, and rule from His throne in Jerusalem! It is the establishment on earth of the Kingdom of God for a span of 1,000 years time. We call it The Millennium. This thousand-year period will fulfill all of the unfulfilled prophecies found throughout the prophets of the Hebrew Bible that God made unto Israel concerning her final exaltation and blessedness. Just as all of the prophecies concerning the unprecedented horrors and judgments are fulfilled during the 7 years that are depicted for us to this point in the Revelation; so the end, as it begins here, details God’s ultimate victory, and the attainment unto His very own goal and purpose. Don’t miss the cruel irony in 19 of the 2 suppers told. The one is ‘the wedding supper of the Lamb,’ v.6-9, and the other is ‘the great supper of God,’ v.11-18+21. No sharper contrast could exist! Which would apply to you?

Chapter 20:1-6 is all the Millennium. Why so brief? Find all the very many Old Testament passages that describe it. This truly is all one Book! The world-ruling Beast and his false Prophet were immediately cast into hell. Satan was bound for the 1,000 years. He will be released for one last purpose. Verses 4 thru 6 tell of the Tribulation martyrs, who will be raised up at His Return to rule the earth with Him during the Millennium. Verses 7 thru 10 then relate how that Satan will be released for one last time, to winnow out those, who at the Millennium’s end do not belong unto the Lord. It is the final rebellion by many millions, perhaps billions, and they will be instantly slain, leaving only the many others who remained faithful. Who were all these? The descendants of those who survived all the Tribulation, seen in Mt.25:31-46. Then comes Final Judgment of all the damned, verses 11 thru 15. The deciding factor? Whether their names appear in the Lamb’s Book of Life, containing all the names of every saint of God that was ever saved by His grace, thru their faith in His Word. This is when this earth and atmosphere, all the creation, is dissolved, as Peter said in II Pet.3:7,10+12. Their fate being sealed, all the lost are cast into hell, 21:8.

Revelation 22:5 ends with ‘forever and ever.’ Whatever is forever must be established by God. It is His very own goal and purpose! What is it? The Holy City, new Jerusalem, 21:2+10. We call it heaven, where we will experience eternal life, if our name is in His Book, 1:27. Is yours? This is to be our very own goal and purpose too, see Mt.6:33, Heb.12:28, 13:14, II Pet.3:13+14! And, our greatest goal ought to be this: We shall see His Face, 22:4! There is nothing greater!!! It has been what the Book has been all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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  1. Augury Harbinger says:

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    Just imagine….Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingly and Johannes Calvyn all took Revelation OUT of the Bible……….they perhaps never understood it within context.

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