Matthew Tells Us the Best of News!

Concluding Matthew, what do we find? More of the same! Chapter 25 fascinates because of what is at its end. Verses 1 thru 13, and 14 thru 30, are both parable stories about #10, the Kingdom, but each passage concerns itself with #9, the New Life, as it is to be lived by believers until Jesus returns; and has everything to do with the believer’s service until, and readiness for, His Return. How it ends, with verses 31 thru 46, is actually about His return. Verse 31 tells us when this event will take place. The event itself actually ends with Jesus’ final teaching, and it is about #3, judgment, with verses 41 and 46 explicitly telling us once again about the awful certainty of the eternal punishment that is the fire of hell! Did you get this? Jesus’ last teaching before His arrest, trial, death, burial and resurrection is about hell. Why do people insist on denying its existence?!?!?

With chapter 26, we commence the record of the actual #5, Gospel events of Christ’s death and resurrection for our salvation. We do not save ourselves by our love, as per 22:36 thru 40, or by those righteous acts recorded in 25:31 thru 40. It is the gravest error to think so. We are saved by what Jesus did in chapters 26 thru 28! Jesus points to His own #5, Gospel acts in 26:2, 28, and 32, and He tells us that it is for the forgiveness of our #2, sins; demonstrating that He is #4, the Savior! Those matters of #2, sin and #3, judgment appear even here in 26:21 and 24. With verses 63 and 64, Jesus is declaring outright that He is #4, the Messiah and Savior; and does so again in 27:11.

We have the actual #5, Gospel record of Jesus’ crucifixion in 27:35, His death in 27:50, His burial in 27:60, mention of His rising before He actually did in 27:62 thru 64; and then the account of Jesus having risen from the dead being all of chapter 28; the height and pinnacle of all Matthew’s Gospel account, just as it tells us in 28:5 thru 7. One vitally important point being noted here, that as a result, these disciples who first saw Jesus alive again, worshiped Him in 28:9+17, indicating that they fully believed in and acknowledged His divinity; that Jesus was, of a truth, God in human flesh! 27:42 is most ironic, in that His most hateful enemies recognized their need to #7, believe in Jesus, but they utterly refused! Matthew’s Gospel concludes with disciples begetting ever more disciples for Jesus, and that this is a principle command as it relates to #9, the New Life. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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