Does Matthew Teach 10 Essentials? Part 1

Beginning with my blog post dated 5/26, I have contended for the concept that the entire New Testament can be summarized into 10 Essential Elements. I had never seen or heard this anywhere before. Having completed a read thru Matthew, I find real evidence for this. Before I launch into Mark, let’s look at the evidence from Matthew.

1. The real issue or matter is Righteousness. God requires that we be righteous possessing righteousness; or we are rejected of Him. I find at least 23 evidences for this, the chief ones being: 5:20 and 48, 6:33, 13:43+49, 19:16-21, 21:32, 23:8, and 25:37+46. Look at them, and see, that the very thing important to God and required of us, that we might be accepted of Him, is this thing called righteousness. It is an absolute. It refers to moral perfection, as He is holy!

2. Our real problem is Sin. To be brief, we are not righteous. We do not possess moral perfection or holiness. Rather, we have broken God’s 10 Commandments, and ours is a record of sin. There are more evidences for this essential in Matthew than all the other 9. I see at least 29 ‘proof texts’ for this, the best being : 1:21, 6:15, 7:11, 9:2-6, and 10-13, 13:40+41 with 49, 15:18-20, 18:6+7, and 26:28.

3. Our sure punishment is Hell! There are some 25 passages that go straight to our damnation. Please carefully check: 3:7-12, 5:21+22, and 29+30, 8:12, 10:28, 11:22-24, 12:36+37, and 41+42, 13:30 with 39-42 and 49+50, 18:6-9, 23:33, and finally, and especially, 25:41 and 46! Add 26:24, and the conclusion is inescapable. In nearly every instance, Jesus was the One speaking, and warning those not righteous of an eternal punishment in a fiery hell! Beware!

4. God’s solution is a Savior. Not content to leave us to our just desserts, God, in His love and mercy, took pity upon us poor, lost sinners, and sent His Only Son, the Lord Jesus, to be our Savior! Notably, we find this about 12 times, particularly here: 1:21, 11:28-30, with 20:28 being key.

5. God’s solution is the Gospel! Gospel means Good News, and God, thru His Son, the Savior, affected our salvation from our sin when He died on the Cross, and rose from the dead. This is the Gospel, and is seen in Matthew some 14 times: First intimated in 12:39+40, Jesus gets explicit beginning in 16:21, then 17:9-12, and 22+23, 20:18+19, 26:2, 28+32 and then it is actually carried out in 27:35, 50, 59, 63+64, culminating in His Resurrection from the dead in 28:5-7. It’s the Gospel, the Good News. It’s everything! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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