Jesus: The One True Light of Life in the World!

Reading John’s Gospel, chapters 7 thru 9. From chapter 7, we learn that Jesus’ own brothers did not #7, believe in Him in verse 5; but others certainly did says verse 31. Jesus spoke of those who #2, sin by doing evil, while others spoke of Him as a #1, good man in verses 7 and 12, respectively. Jesus also spoke of #1, righteousness concerning any man of truth who seeks honor from God in verse 18. The Pharisees committed a great #2, sin when they refused to #7, believe in Jesus, according to verses 48 and 49. Jesus, Himself, makes a point that #8, the New Birth will come to those who truly #7, believe in Him in verses 37 thru 39.

Then, from chapter 8, we have the woman taken in adultery, and the twin issues of #2, sin and #3, judgment in verses 4 thru 11. He admonishes her to #6, repent and leave her life of #2, sin in verse 11. Jesus is the light of the world, or #4, the Savior. Becoming His follower results in #10, eternal life says verse 12. From verses 21 and 24, we get the expression that people ought not to ‘die in their #2, sins,’ as it will result in their being #3, severely judged by Jesus and God says verses 26 and 50. This will be avoided if one will #7, believe in #4, the Savior, Jesus Christ as verses 23 and 24 make clear. He alludes to how this will be made possible in verse 28, when He speaks of #5, the Gospel element of His being ‘lifted up’ in crucifixion to die. Many who were listening just then #7, believed in Him says verses 30 and 31. He then speaks to the matter of #2, sin and being ‘set free,’ or experiencing #8, the New Birth of salvation from sin in verses 34 thru 36. Jesus distinguishes Himself as #4, the Savior, as opposed to the religious leaders, who were #2, sinners, in verses 42 thru 44; and tells them of their need to #7, believe Him in verses 45 and 46. By asking them if they could prove Him guilty of #2, sin, He was declaring His own #1, righteousness! The chapter ends with saying that God is the #3, judge, but His own will #10, never see death. His last words were to point out that He is the Messiah and #4, Savior, verses 54 thru 59.

Chapter 9. If 5:14 intimated that #2, sin could result in physical malady, we see here in 9:2+3, that it is not always so. We must see the clear contrast between #2, sin and #1, righteousness being made throughout verses 13 thru 33, especially with verse 31. Jesus is plainly #4, the Savior, as verses 35 thru 38 declare, and others must have been acknowledging Him as such in verses 22 and 27; and the man born blind certainly #7, believed in Jesus says verses 35 thru 38. With verse 39, Jesus declares His role as #3, judge, but that those blind would ‘see,’ which is a reference to #8, the New Birth of salvation. The Pharisees took offense, however, and remained in the guilt of their #2, sin says verse 41. They would be most #3, severely judged. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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