Jesus Died on the Cross for All Your Sins!

Reading John chapters 17 thru 19, we near completion of the 4 Gospel accounts. Chapter 17 is about Jesus praying; first, for Himself, then for His disciples, and finally for all of us who now believe. In verses 1 thru 5, Jesus prays for Himself, and we see that He is #4, the Savior, who will give #8, eternal life, that some may live forever in #10, the Kingdom, after He has completed the #5, Gospel work of dying and rising that He was to do. Verses 6 thru 19 is His prayer for His disciples. It largely has to do with their #7, believing upon Him, and for their #9, New Life with divine protection, joy, and continual sanctification out of the world. They were to also be His witnesses, testifying to Him and the Gospel. The chapter closes, verses 20 thru 26, with His prayer for us who have come to #7, believe. It is #9, New Life in Christ teaching for unity, our witness for Him, and our love one for another. It also contains our future hope of #10, the Kingdom in verse 24!

From chapter 18, we read of Jesus’ arrest and trials. Upon His arrest, verses 1 thru 11, He alludes to #5, the Gospel, when He speaks of the ‘cup’ the Father has given Him to drink. We see this mention of #5, the Gospel again in verse 14, when He is taken for trial, first before Annas. When taken before Caiaphas, Jesus makes a distinction between #1, righteousness and #2, sin in verse 23. Then, before Pilate, verses 28 thru 40, Jesus is charged with #2, sin by the Jewish leaders, that He might be executed. This was to fulfill #5, the Gospel element as to how Jesus would die. With verses 33 and 37, we find Pilate saying, with Jesus affirming, that He is #4, the Savior, and having a #10, Kingdom for His own in verse 36. See the importance that #1, righteousness plays in the word ‘truth’ found in verse 37. The chapter ends on the note of Israel’s great #2, sin of rejecting Jesus.

With chapter 19, we move into the matter of the actual 2 elements of the #5, Gospel; Jesus’ death and resurrection for our #2, sins. With verse 7, Jesus must die as a #3, judgment, because they believed that He blasphemously claimed to be the Son of God and their #4, Savior. Jesus noted that the one who handed Him over was guilty of a greater #2, sin than that of Pilate’s. Pilate said that Jesus was their King, and thus, #4, Savior in verses 14 and 15, and 19 thru 22, but the Jewish leaders committed the most grievous #2, sin of utterly rejecting Him says verses 15, and 20 + 21. With verse 30, we come to the very #5, Gospel element of Christ’s death for all of our sins, and we have the admonition from John that he would have us to #7, believe this in verse 35. The chapter ends with Jesus’ burial, and we are to now expect that the very best news is next to come! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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