What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Finishing I Corinthians at chapters 13 thru 16. Chapters 12 thru 14 is about the #9, New Life in Christ exercise of spiritual gifts. Chapter 13 is called the ‘Love Chapter,’ however, it is not primarily about love, and gets misused a lot that way. It is about the proper #9, New Life exercise of spiritual gifts within the church. The spiritual gifts are to be exercised from out of a motive of love, for the benefit of all the rest of the church, and not oneself!

Specifically looking for the 10 Essential Elements of The Real New Testament Message, we examine chapter 13, and apart from it revolving around #9, New Life in Christ, we do find the mention of #2, sin in verse 6, as being something believers are not to delight in. With chapter 14, Paul continues on about the #9, New Life matter of the exercise of spiritual gifts, and makes mention of #2, sin in verse 20, and again of sinners in verse 24 in relation to their being #3, judged; making a distinction between those who #7, believe, and those who do not with verse 22.

Chapter 15 is epic, as it is the most valuable treatise on all the issue of the resurrection from the dead; first, of Christ, and then, of those who believe! It revolves entirely around the twin matters of #5, the Gospel, and #7 believing. Verses 1 thru 4 is the very best passage for stating precisely what #5, the Gospel is in its 2 most important matters of Christ dying for our sins and rising from the dead. We find further mention of #5, the Gospel in verses 12, 15 and 20. That this is the message that must be #7, believed is found in verses 1 and 2, and 11 and 17. This is to result in our being saved in a #8, New Birth, says verses 2 and 57, from the penalty of our #2, sins says verses 17 and 56. That being resolved, as new born believers, we may now live a #9, New Life in Christ apart from and in victory over our past sins according to verses 34 and 58. This is to ultimately result in our reception into #10, the Kingdom in Christ’s likeness! We find this in verses 24 thru 28, and verses 43 and 44, 49 and 50, and 52 thru 55. What a glorious day that will be!!! Will you partake of this resurrection?

Finishing with chapter 16, we learn of #9, New Life instruction in the matter of giving with verses 1 and 2. Further instruction is in verses 13 and 14. We find examples of its exercise with verses 17 and 18, as well as the closing in verse 24. We have found all of the 10 Essential Elements of The Real New Testament Message in I Corinthians. Evangelicalism has the right message. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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