Don’t Think Jesus is God? Think Again!

With Paul’s 3-chapter letter to Titus, we find the absolute best statements of Christ’s deity. Period. Don’t think Jesus is God? You’ll have to think again, my friend. In chapter 1, the matter of #7, believing comes up immediately with verse 1, and then in verses 2, 4, 6; and its opposite in verse 15. Without a doubt, the real issue is #1, righteousness as seen in verses 1, 6 thru 8, and 15 and 16. Where righteousness is found, #2, sin never seems to be far behind, and it is here, too, in verses 6 and 7, and 10 thru 16. There’s considerable #9, New Life instruction to Titus in verses 5 thru 9, and 13 and 14. We find a singular mention of #10, Kingdom with verse 2. Now, with verses 3 and 4, we have our #4, Savior. But, wait! There’s 2 Saviors? Which is our Savior? Is it God? Is it Jesus? Well, Isaiah 44:8 begins to answer the dilemma. Isaiah 45:5 helps to cement it; and Isaiah 43:11+12 nail it shut. There is only One God, and He is the Only Savior! So, what are we to conclude? Let’s examine chapters 2 and 3, and decide.

Chapter 2 holds 9 of The 10 Essential Elements.  The entire chapter is #9, New Life instruction to Titus. It has everything to do with God’s people doing right, living out #1, righteousness from verse 1 thru 15 no fewer than 6 times. This is contrasted with #2, sin mentioned in verses 3, 10, 12 and 14. There is talk of #3, judgment in verse 8. And, we also find #10, Kingdom mention with verse 13. I love that the #8, New Birth can be found in verse 11; and that it is by #7, faith says verses 1 and 2. Then, we see it again… verses 10 and 13. We have God our #4, Savior, and ‘our great God and #4, Savior, Jesus Christ’. This is a dilemma! We either have 2 Saviors, or just One God, Who is our Savior; and Jesus is that God! Just as we have seen in chapter 1, so now, we find it again here in chapter 2.

With chapter 3, it is #9, New Life instruction from verse 1 thru 15! It goes right to #1, righteousness as verses 1, 6 thru 8, and 14 amply attest. Hard on righteousness’ heels is #2, sin with verses 2 and 3, and 9 thru 11. With sin comes the ever-present certainty of #3, judgment seen in verse 11. We especially note the #8, New Birth in verses 5 and 6. It comes about by #7, faith so verse 8 affirms. This assures us of #10, the Kingdom with eternal life says verse 7. Then, we find this again… verse 4 states that God is our #4, Savior, yet verse 6 reads that Jesus Christ is our #4, Savior. Well, which is it? Figured it out yet? There is only one logical and Biblical conclusion. Jesus IS God, and, our Savior! If you cannot own that, you may be beyond all hope! Call upon the Savior, Jesus, while He is near. He is your God! Meditate upon 3:4 thru 7 and believe! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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