What is Roman Catholicism?

Roman Catholicism can be readily identified for precisely what it is… and, just what is it? No one would deny that it is a religion. It’s certainly that. But, what kind of religion? It claims to be Christianity, but, I think, as I clearly laid out last post, it is the very antithesis of Christianity! So, what is Roman Catholicism really?

Reading Hebrews chapters 7 thru 10 identifies 5 things that are the major components of that which used to be the Old Testament system of sacrificial Judaism. What were its major constituent parts as described for us by the writer to the Hebrews? We first see a priesthood with Hebrews 7:11 thru 8:6. We next see an old covenant in 7:22 thru 8:13 that was replaced by a new one. We then note a sanctuary with 9:1 thru 10, and fourthly, we have sacrifices for sin in a sanctuary with 9:6 thru Hebrews 10:18; and, it is also a system that continually offered up fresh sacrifices for sin non-stop says 7:27, 9:25 and 26, and 10:1 and 11. That was the Old Testament system of sacrificial Judaism. All 5 were all completely rendered obsolete and done away with by Christ 2,000 years ago.

But, what about the religion of Roman Catholicism? They ordain their own priests for their people; priests who are said to stand in the very place of Christ for them. Next, they claim they are the true belief and exercise of the New Covenant, but theirs looks precisely like the Old Covenant, point for point. Third, after their priests consecrate bread and wine, some is placed behind the altar, apart from the people, behind a curtain, in a place they call the sanctuary. Fourthly, their priests offer up ‘bloodless’ sacrifices on their own altars in the form of their mass continually, every moment of every day, all around the world. In short, what Rome has done is to ‘baptize’ every element of Old Testament Judaism into a new form, which they have dubbed Christianity; but is not. Everything they presently do today was completely done away with 2,000 years ago by the One True High Priest, Jesus Christ, in the one bloody sacrifice of Himself on the Cross; the Blood of which He personally offered up to God in the one true heavenly sanctuary, not on earth… and He completed all that was required of God for any sinner to be completely saved… once for all persons’ every sin, once for all time!

Roman Catholicism usurps all that Christ is and has already accomplished, and pretends to perform the very same thing themselves for their own people. Roman Catholicism is actually a pseudo-Christian religious cult, a fraud and a deception, responsible for sending countless millions to hell with their lies. They have murdered millions of true believers in Jesus Christ throughout their history, of those who did not accept Rome as the true church, and their priesthood and sacrifices as true Christianity. And were they strong enough to do that again unto true evangelical believers… they most certainly would! Do not fall for the lie that is the Roman Catholic religion. It’s also what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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