What is Real Worship Like?

If you’ve ever wondered what real worship is like, look no further than Revelation chapters 4, 5, and 7! Read them out loud, and add volume to your voice right where it says there is volume, and, as a believer, it will lift you UP! We’re looking for confirmation of our thesis concerning there being 10 Essential Elements of The Real New Testament Message, however. So, with chapter 4, we can find #10, Kingdom pictured from the first verse to the last, and clear mention of #1, righteousness reigning there with verses 4 and 8.

Chapter 5 advances the same scene, with greater feeling. And, we find here that it too is all about #10, Kingdom from beginning to end. The matter of #1, righteousness is expressed in verses 2, 4, 9 and 12, with the use of the word ‘worthy’. And, Who is that which was found to be worthy? None other than #4, our Savior, Jesus Christ, portrayed as a lamb in verses 6, 9 and 12. We see #5, the Gospel principally in the element of His dying for our sins with verses 6, 9 and 12, as well, but that He is seen there as having been raised from the dead! Note that He is also being worshiped as God! He IS!

Chapter 6 breaks from the heavenly scene until we return to it in chapter 7. In 6 we find it to be all about the scene on earth immediately preceding the coming of #10, the Kingdom. Make no mistake, this is also all about #3, judgment, with war, famine, death, martyrdom, and even the possible prospect of nuclear holocaust as expressed by a first-century witness in verses 12 thru 14. Judgment is especially in view in verses 10, and 15 thru 17. Again, we find #1, righteousness here with verse 11; and, we find mention of either #4, our Savior, or perhaps, #5, the Gospel with mention of ‘the word of God’ in verse 9. Which is it? Both?!?!

Chapter 7 is glorious! It, too, is very much about #10, the Kingdom, particularly from verse 9 to the end, verse 17. That thing about #1, righteousness is clearly seen in verse 14; where we also find #4, the Savior as the Lamb, and that element of #5, the Gospel being His Blood. We also, now clearly see, for the first time, the matter of #8, the New Birth in those who have been saved seen in verses 9, 10 and 14. And with this discovery of #8, the New Birth in chapter 7, we have now found all 10 Essential Elements of The Real New Testament Message in the book of the Revelation! It’s what the book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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