Jesus’ Great Galilean Ministry

With Luke chapter 5, we have Jesus fully engaging in The Great Galilean Ministry that commenced in chapter 4. It is of 5 parts, the first being verses 1 thru 11, and the Calling of the First Disciples. This is the fullest account as to how that came about, and it is a fascinating one, as one would meditate upon it, and imagine the scene. It’s pretty neat, as Jesus, who was no fisherman, tells Peter, the ‘professional’ fisherman what to do. They’d already worked all night and caught nothing, and now they were washing their nets, in preparation for putting them up until the next time. But, because Jesus said so, Peter, by faith, obeyed Christ’s instruction. The catch was supernatural! And, Peter comes under conviction as a #2, sinful man, acknowledging Christ’s holiness. At this, Peter, Andrew, James and John left their profession, and their families, to follow Jesus full-time! The next account, verses 12 thru 16, is an amazing tale of Jesus instantly and completely healing a severe leper. He may well have been missing his ears, nose and parts of his fingers and toes, since it says that he was covered with it! But, the most amazing aspect is how that it says that Jesus ‘touched the man,’ thereby, in the words of the Law willfully rendering Himself to be ‘ceremonially unclean’! This is actually another way of demonstrating that He was God, and not man! Verses 17 thru 26 relate a tremendous story of the Healing of the Paralytic at Peter’s home. Upon noting the #7, faith of those who brought the afflicted man, Jesus responded by forgiving the man’s #2, sins. The Jewish leaders present rightly conclude that only God can forgive sins, but charge Jesus with blasphemy, as they will not acknowledge His divinity! This is the charge by which they will ultimately kill Him. Verse 24 is key, as we learn that Jesus possesses the authority to forgive sins, which is one’s salvation in #8, New Birth! Has Jesus, the God-man, forgiven you of your sins against Him and given you the New Birth?

Then, from verses 27 thru 31, we read of the Calling of Levi to follow Jesus. From this account, we see the stark contrast all are to grasp between #1, righteousness and #2, sin. But, even more importantly, that the difference between the two has everything to do with one’s sins being forgiven by God thru #6, repentance! The chapter concludes with a #9, New Life in Christ sort of teaching, as it involves the practice of fasting, with verses 33 thru 39. He had come to institute something new, and the practices of Christianity, to include fasting, were a new thing, not to be confused or mingled with the old, or Judaism of that time. I am wanting to study this more, as I engage in far too little of this practice, and know almost nothing of its true value and benefits. Do you? This, too, is what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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