What to Say to God in Prayer

Luke chapter 11 is of 5 parts and begins with #9, New Life instruction to believers about prayer, and is Luke’s synopsis of the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6. It amazes in that it goes from the eternal of #10, the Kingdom in verse 2, to the daily in verse 3. It starts with that which is so great as the Kingdom, to that which is so mundane as bread! And, it gives us opportunity to speak with God about things we might not want to tell any man, in verse 4! In short, it would appear that God wants to hear from His own, about anything at all! Then, with verses 5 thru 13, we have this incredible encouragement to continually speak to God about any matter; to do so with boldness in asking, and to continually ask, seek and knock until God responds! God gives good things to His children when they ask, and, as a Christian, who is commanded to walk in the Spirit, live by the Spirit, and be filled with the Holy Spirit; He is pleased to give His Spirit when we ask Him to! What an incredible God!

With verses 14 thru 28, we confront Jesus’ critics and rejectors. They blaspheme the Holy Spirit, attributing to Satan what Jesus was doing by the Spirit. The point being that they did not #7, believe, and they would be #3, judged and condemned. The passage ends with a description of the right response that Jesus requires, which involves #6, repentance and #7, faith, resulting in #9, New Life obedience. Where are you at? Jesus then responds to those who demanded a miraculous sign from Him with verses 29 thru 32. His response would be the 2 elements of #5, the Gospel, His coming death and resurrection. And, because He was greater than Solomon or Jonah, being #4, the Savior, unless they #6, repented, they would be severely #3, judged! The Eyes being the Lamp of the Body with verses 33 thru 36, may seem confusing, but if one simply grasps that Jesus is here calling for #6, repentance on the part of His hearers, you will see the light!

Chapter 11 ends with verses 37 thru 53, and is similar to Matthew chapter 23. Here, it is Six Woes upon their False Religious Leaders, who, in the end are looking for reason to kill Him. The key points here revolve around the matters of #2, sin and #1, righteousness. Jesus is falsely accused of sin in verse 38, but He rightly charges them with multiple sins throughout, beginning with verse 39. They will be #3, judged severely for these He says in verses 50 and 51, but there is #9, New Life instruction that we can take away from the passage, found with verse 42; these concern tithing, practicing justice toward our fellowman, and love for God. And, in case anyone missed it, just within Luke chapter 11 alone, we can readily identify 9 of The 10 Essential Elements of The Real New Testament Message. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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