Jesus: Your Savior, or Your Judge!

We take up at John chapter 4 and verse 43. This is the account of the Healing of the Nobleman’s Son. Jesus left Judea, went thru Samaria, and had returned to Galilee, where He was welcomed by the people there. He even returned to Cana, where he had turned the water to wine earlier. When word of His return had spread, one royal official, who resided in the lakeside city of Capernaum, and whose son was sick and near death, went to Jesus. This dignitary begged Jesus to come with him and heal his son. Take note of Jesus’ words here, and His complaint of their need to see miraculous signs in order to believe. This is important, because the hated, foreign Samaritans of the previous passage willingly believed ‘because of His words‘! Jesus is looking for faith, which comes by hearing, while this people was not willing to believe unless they saw! So, what happens in this situation? What did Jesus do? He did not go with the man, as he had begged! He merely said the words, ‘You may go. Your son will live.’ Everything turns on what happened next…. The man ‘took Jesus at His word‘. He believed! See, how that 3 times in the passage, verses 48, 50 and 53, that it is all about eliciting real faith unto Himself, but that He desires that it come about by believing His word, and not in requiring that one see a miracle! Granted, this was His second miracle, and that chapter 5 will about a third, but the time of miracles was to confirm the new message and its messenger, until faith would come by hearing.

Chapter 5 is so very rich! It is 3 parts. Verses 1 thru 15 is the Healing of the Invalid Man, who had been unable to walk for 38 years! Jesus heals him, and without any rehabilitation is able to immediately rise and walk! As this was back again in Jerusalem during another feast period, and it took place on a Sabbath, Jesus had aroused more Jewish opposition. Never mind that He had miraculously healed a man! Even seeing, they refused to believe! We then have a lengthy discourse, in 2 parts. Verses 16 thru 30 are how that Life comes thru the Son! Find 6 of The Essential Elements here. Verses 16 thru 18 tell us about #4, the Savior; that He is divine, as the Father is divine! Verses 19 thru 23 make clear that Jesus gives eternal life for entrance into #10, the Kingdom. And, that He has also been entrusted with final #3, judgment! It closes by saying He is to be honored as the Father is to be. If Jesus were not divine, such honor would be idolatry, and a violation of the first 2 Commandments, requiring the death penalty! Further, verses 24 thru 30 explicitly tell us that by #7, believing on Jesus, we will receive eternal life, and not be condemned. The passage closes by relating that those having done evil and #2, sin will be condemned. Only those possessing #1, righteousness will live.

What all have we found here? Jesus is 1.) a prophet, 4:19+44. Jesus is 2.) a healer, 4:50-52, 5:8+9. Jesus is 3.) Lord of the Sabbath, 5:9+10. Jesus is 4.) Divine, and the equal of the Father, 5:17+18, 23. Jesus is 6.) the Giver of eternal life, 5:21, 24, 28+29. And, Jesus is 7.) the Judge of the living and the dead, 5:22, 27-30. Has He given you life, or will He be your Judge? It is what the Book is all about?

Harold f Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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