When Jesus Entered His Passion

Beginning in John chapter 12, he takes all the rest of his Gospel account to write of Passion Week; leading up to the most important aspects of them all… Christ’s Atoning death and resurrection. We open with what appears to be the very Friday before His crucifixion. He is at the home of Lazarus, whom He had recently raised from the dead, and of Lazarus’ 2 sisters, Mary and Martha, in verses 1 thru 11. We can find things like Judas’ #2, sin in verses 4+5; an aspect of #5, the Gospel with Christ’s mention of His own burial in verse 7, and another mention of people #7, believing on Him. With the very next passage, verses 12 thru 19, we go to His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem the Sunday before it all. The passage, as John records it here, is to plainly demonstrate that Jesus came to His own people as their Messiah and #4, Savior, and that, for that moment, at least, they were acknowledging Him as such; particularly using the word ‘Hosanna’, which means save! The rest of chapter 12 may well be a part of that Sunday not recorded by any of the other 3 Gospel writers. With verses 20 thru 36, Jesus predicts what is about to take place, and verses 37 thru 50 tell us of the Jewish leadership’s continued unbelief.

Having found 4 of The 10 Essential Elements of The Real New Testament Message already, what else lies here in chapter 12? Verses 20 thru 36 give us a glimpse. With verse 23, Jesus speaks of entering His Passion. He refers to the Gospel element of His impending death in verse 24, and we see this is in keeping with giving to men eternal life, to be lived out and enjoyed forever in #10, the Kingdom, according to verse 25. With verse 27, we have an incredible ‘purpose verse’ in Christ’s own words, telling us why He came. It was to die and rise again, as each Gospel account testifies. He makes a point here, that there is a #3, judgment to come, as well, with verse 31. Jesus even gives a clue as to how He is about to die, alluding to His crucifixion in verse 32. With verse 36, Jesus gives us another expression having to do with #8, the New Birth, by stating that through believing upon Him, one becomes a ‘son of light‘! The last passage, verses 37 thru 50 is of the sin of the Jews unbelief, even to this late date. John records Jesus as having performed at least 7 miraculous signs in his account already, and yet, despite all these, Jewish leadership utterly rejected Him. This had been prophesied by Isaiah in chapter 53, verse 1, and chapter 6, verse 10. With these 2 Old Testament prophecies from some 700 years before, John tells of how that Israel would not believe, #6, repent or be born again in verses 38 thru 40. Fascinatingly, and get this, verse 41 is speaking of Isaiah seeing Jesus’ glory in chapter 6 of his book, yet if you will read there, it is speaking only of the glory of God! John is saying most explicitly here that Jesus is God once again!!! In the final verses, 44 thru 50, Jesus speaks to sin, judgment, faith, the New Birth and the Kingdom; 5 of the Elements in this one brief passage. Can you find them all? It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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