John Says Jesus Died and Rose Again!

John 18 thru 20 is the climax of his Gospel account, in it, he documents the two vital elements of #5, the Gospel message; those being the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Chapter 18 has 6 parts, verses 1 thru 11 is His arrest. With verses 12-14, we go into Thursday, and Jesus is brought before Annas. It is here, in verses 15 thru 18, Peter denies his master for the first time. It would appear that the writer of this Gospel account, John, is present to witness it. In verses 19 thru 24, we read of Annas questioning Jesus, and then sending Him to Caiaphas. We next read of Peter denying Jesus 2 more times, as Jesus had said he would. We don’t read of his trial before Caiaphas, but the story goes directly His morning appearance before Pilate, in verses 28 to the end. In it, we find direct mention of #10, the Kingdom in verse 36… the very personal goal and purpose of God, which the Bible ends with in Revelation chapters 21 and 22.

With chapter 19, and its 4 parts, Jesus is condemned to death, crucified, dies and is buried. We read of His condemnation at the hands of Pilate, as he does the Jews bidding, in verses 1 thru 16. With that, Jesus is taken by his soldiers to Golgotha, outside the city, and He is crucified. With verses 28 thru 37, we have the sure record of His death, particularly in verse 30. And, with Jesus’ words, It is finished, our entire sin debt unto God was paid in full! John, being present, witnessed a soldier pierce His side with a spear clean thru to His heart. And, with John’s account, he reaffirms that his purpose is to convince his readers, that they might #7, believe, so as to be saved. This chapter concludes with Jesus’ burial in Joseph’s tomb, verses 38 thru 42.

Chapter 20 is the real reason for all that preceded. It is the record of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The source of every believer’s hope! There are 4 parts here. The first is the discovery, by Mary Magdalene, of the empty tomb, with verses 1 thru 9. It is now Sunday. Jesus then appears to Mary in verses 10 thru 18, in a very moving experience. He then appears to His disciples, who are in hiding, that same evening, with verses 19 thru 23, and announces that they will be His Apostles; sent ones to bring the #5, Good News of His resurrection to the world! The passage makes the point that what is at issue and necessary, is the forgiveness of a persons’ #2, sins. The final part relates the unbelief of ‘Doubting’ Thomas, and all it took to convince him one week later, in verses 24 thru 29. The last 2 verses, 30 and 31, constitute the purpose passage, stating John’s reason as to why he wrote his Gospel account. It was to convince people of the Person of Jesus Christ, and that by their belief, they would experience #8, the New Birth and be saved, possessing eternal life! Do you know Who He is? Do you realize what He has done for you? Have you believed upon Jesus and experienced the New Birth of salvation and eternal life? It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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