Be Assured, Not Embarrassed

I am a young earth creationist. Without any doubt, evolution is not true. It never took place, because it cannot happen. Any study into genetics will make that perfectly clear. Beyond that, evolution ultimately ends with everything coming from absolutely nothing, which is an absurdity on its very face. God created all that exists. Genetics clearly demonstrates He did not use evolution and long ages to beget life. In fact, the age of the earth can be scientifically demonstrated to be young, not old. There are more than 100 geochronometers by which to determine earth’s age, and only a small handful can be made to produce the evolutionist’s long ages, and those few are fraught with difficulties.

The Bible is the Word of God, I demonstrate that verity by a couple of means elsewhere. So, what I want to say here is that it actually gives us a close approximation as to when God spoke the universe into existence. Scholars are quite certain that I Kings 6:1 is the best time clue we have. They say that was 966 BC. If so, then it points us to Exodus 12:40+41, the spring of 1446 BC, when Israel came out of Egypt led by Moses. That passage points us to the day when Jacob and his clan went down into Egypt in Genesis 46:6. It was the spring of 1876 BC. From Genesis 47:9, Jacob was 130. He was born 2006 BC in Gen.25:26. Jacob’s father Isaac was 60. Therefore, he was born 2066 BC in Gen.21:2. Abraham was 100, when Isaac was born, bringing us to Abraham’s birth right about 2166 BC. God came to Abraham in Gen.12:1 about 2091 BC. Gen.11:26 says ‘After Terah lived 70 years, he begat Abram, Nahor and Haran….’ But, Abraham was 75 when he entered Canaan, and it would seem he did so, after Terah had died at the age of 205, which seem to indicate that Terah begat Abraham when he was 135. Terah was born 2301 BC, and we head toward Noah and the Flood. Through Gen.11:10 thru 26, Terah’s father Nahor was born 2330 BC, His father Serug was born 2360 BC. His father Reu was born 2392 BC. His father Peleg was born 2422 BC. His father Eber was born 2456 BC. His father Shelah was born 2486 BC. His father Arphaxad was born 2521 BC. He was born to Shem when he was 100 in 2621 BC. Now, Arphaxad was born to Shem 2 years after the Great Flood, putting the end of the Flood at about 2623 BC. Since these boys were not born to their fathers on their fathers birthday, any statistician will tell you that working with 12 generations, as we just did, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that about 6 more months can be added to each generation, or about 6 more years can be added between Shem and Jacob, putting the end of the Flood, as best we are able to determine, at 2629 BC. It began 1 year before, or 2630 BC, since it is 2016 as I type, the Flood was just about 4,647 years ago.

We’re not done. Let’s finish. From the Flood, we can go back to Adam and Creation! Noah was 600 when the Flood started, and 11:10 may be from the end of the Flood, which was just over 1 year in duration, says Gen.8. The Flood commenced about 2630 BC, as we determined above. Noah was born 3230 BC. Then, from Genesis 5, Noah’s father Lamech was born 3412 BC. His father Methuselah was born 3599 BC. His father Enoch was born 3664 BC. His father Jared was born 3826 BC. His father Mahalalel was born 3891 BC. His father Kenan was born 3961 BC. His father Enosh was born 4051 BC. His father Seth was born 4156 BC. His father was Adam, created by God about 4286 BC. However, again, we need to add another statistical 5 years, and call it 4291 BC, as these were not born on their father’s birthdays. Adam was created on Day 6 of creation Week. Creation took place approximately 6,307 years ago! Bible chronology is not obtuse. It is rather clear. And since the Bible is the Word of God, as believers, we ought to be young earth creationists! Be assured, not embarrassed! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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