Passover and Our Salvation

Read 25.) Exodus 12:1 thru 13:16. This is a tremendous passage! In it, we have both the Passover and the Exodus. And, with the next reading; the parting of, and passage thru, the Red Sea. We have time clues in our reading that tell us when these things happened. Our reading opens by explaining that Israel’s religious calendar would begin at this time, and revolve around these events. They took place in what we understand to be our March/ April time frame, or early spring. Passover, 12:1-13 is an incredible picture of our salvation. We have a perfect sacrificial lamb, representing the Savior, Jesus Christ. The lamb is to be close-by among them for 4 days; as Jesus would later enter Jerusalem, and then be slain 4 days later. As the lamb was slain at twilight, so Jesus died at the time of the evening offering. Israel was to apply the lamb’s blood to the entrance of their home, on the doorposts and lentil, making a ‘sign of the Cross’, as it were; so, the Blood of Jesus Christ must be applied to the entrance of each person’s ‘heart’ by faith; believing upon and receiving Him. The eating of the lamb was a picture of ‘feeding’ on Christ; the idea of entering into communion with Him, to ‘walk’ with Him, being ‘nourished’ by Him, having to do with our discipleship after Him. By this Israel was saved from the death angel, who would pass-over; redeemed of the Lord unto Himself. Then, from verse 14, as Israel was to forever commemorate and celebrate their deliverance from death, so, we, too, are to always to do the same, as regards our own salvation! Yes? Further, we see the celebration began with a removal of all yeast; a picture of sin to Israel, and of deep repentance to us. And, after having done so, a great joyous celebration; new life! Further, with the Exodus, and Egypt representing the world, Israel goes out, leaving Egypt behind; just as we, in our newfound salvation, and in the exercise of our repentance, must leave the ‘world’ of corrupted and sinful popular culture, to live a separate life of sanctification and holiness unto the Lord! Can you see all of this here? And, verses 24 thru 28, make clear, this is to be shared with our children; passed down generationally!

Then, with the Exodus, of 12:31 thru 42, we learn that the Lord was fulfilling His promise to Abraham in Genesis 15:13+14, when they came out with the wealth of Egypt. We will learn what they will do with that soon. We learn, too, that Israel is of some 600,000 men. Include their women and children, and we can consider that there might have been some 2 and a half million by this time. Keep this figure in mind, as it, too will become significant. Then, 12:40+41 is so important because of the time is signifies, after I Kings 6:1. A time-study of the Hebrew Bible revolves all around these verses. They say that this is likely 1446 BC, and Genesis 46:6 was 1876 BC, as I Kings 6:1 was likely 966 BC. Our reading closes, 13:1-16, with talk of the next Phase and Prophecy fulfillment… Israel has her descendants, now, He will give her its Promised Land! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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