Israel’s Glorious Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Read 29.) Exodus 25:1 thru 28:43. It was nearly 3,500 years ago, Moses was used of God to lead Israel out of Egypt and into the Arabian wilderness, to the Mountain of God. The trip took 3 months. And, after they arrived, Moses was called by God up into the ‘fire’ on the mountain; where he remained 40 days, without either food or water. While on the mountain after the first week, God gave Moses a vision of all the Tabernacle in its details, to be constructed for Him that He might dwell among His people. This Tabernacle would be comprised of very special components, rich in meaning. Not all are in today’s reading.

It begins with a free-will offering on the part of Israel for its construction. They had taken the wealth of Egypt with them when they went out in chapter 12, and so, though they had been poor slaves, they became heavy with Egypt’s riches. Beginning with 25:10, we commence the physical description of all Moses was given to see by visions on the mountain, when he was with the Lord for 40 days. First, the Ark of the Covenant. If Moses employed the Egyptian royal cubit of some 20.61″, that measure he would most likely have been acquainted with; the Ark would have the dimensions of some 52″ long, by 31″ high and wide. Get a tape measure, and envision the size of some of these things. Go online and conduct an images search. Try to ‘touch’ these things as best you can! You will develop a real appreciation for what you are reading here. Pay close attention to where gold will be used, and how much it will require. We’ll appraise its worth in current $USD with chapter 38. Next, was the Showbread Table, some 41″ high, by 21″ deep, by 31″ long. Third, was the Lampstand, beginning at 25:31. This lampstand was to be hammered out of some 75 lbs of pure gold! Chapter 26, and the Tabernacle. This was a large room, with a tent covering. The room was some 52′ long, by 17′ wide, and some 17′ high. A separating curtain creating 2 rooms in the Tabernacle starts at verse 31. Chapter 27 then tells of the bronze Altar of Burnt Offering, the Courtyard, and the Lampstand Oil. The Altar was 5′ high, and 8 1/2′ square, wide and deep. With verse 9, we have the surrounding Courtyard. It was 172′ long and 86′ wide, with a near 26′ wide curtained entrance at the east end. Pure olive oil was the lamp fuel. Then, chapter 28, and all the High Priestly garb for Aaron, Moses’ brother, in verses 1 thru 30. Again, do online searches for all these things, and a carpenter’s tape measure to envision the actual dimensions of each item.

What did these things mean? The Tabernacle meant God would live among sinners. The Ark, that He would rule over sinners here. The Table of Showbread, that He would fellowship with sinners. The lampstand, that He would give light to sinners. The Curtain of 26:31-37, that He was separate from sinners. The Altar of Burnt Offerings, that He would redeem and save sinners. The oil, of course, gave a pure light. We’ll yet see more… It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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