God Slays Israel’s Priests!

Read 34.) Leviticus 8:1 thru 10:20. We jump to here because, chronologically, this was the next event in the story. To get it altogether and right, read Exodus 29:1-37, the introduction as to how this ceremony was to be done. Then, read the very brief account saying that it was done in Exodus 40:12-16. Then, come to here, at Leviticus 8, to learn of the details of this extensive ceremony, in-depth, which corresponded with the instructions from Ex.29. Got all that? Exodus 40:12-16 told of Aaron and his sons being anointed and consecrated for their new role as Israel’s priesthood on day 1 of the institution of the new religion of Judaism, but here, we read of the big ceremonial event that took place on a day in March of 1445 BC at Mt. Sinai in the Arabian wilderness. Do not become bored, because this is going to become extremely interesting!

First note in chapter 8 that everyone is present here to witness the events of this occasion, says verse 3. The consecration and ordination of Aaron and his 2 sons took an entire week. Technically speaking, Judaism is now in place, and about to commence. So, with chapter 9, the priesthood of Israel commences their ministry before the Lord on the behalf of their people Israel there at Sinai. The Lord had filled the Tabernacle a week before, but here, He says He is going to appear to the Israelites. This is going to be a big deal! 9:5 says all of Israel is here for this event, as well. With 9:15, we read of the first time a priest in Israel made an offering unto the Lord on the behalf of the people of Israel. This IS the commencement of the religion of the Jews. As Israel’s priests, they offered the prescribed sin offering, burnt offering, grain offering, fellowship offering and wave offering. Aaron then blesses the people, and God shows up! The previous week, His glory was manifested as a cloud in Ex.40:34+35, and no one could remain in its presence. Here, picture it now, fire comes blazing out from the presence of the Lord, in the Tabernacle, and crossed the Courtyard, to the Bronze Altar of Sacrifice and consumed the offerings that were on it! All the people, standing ’round the entrance to the Courtyard of the Tabernacle saw this, shouted for joy, and fell on their faces before their God! What a scene!

Now, chapter 10. Remember, it’s the very first day of Judaism. Read it, and consider what happens here. Aaron’s sons, moved by the Lord’s manifestation unto Israel, took it upon themselves, as priests, to offer incense at that moment… but, God had never commanded they do so. A fire, like the one that moments before had consumed the offerings, now kills the both of them… before all Israel! God slew 2 of Israel’s 3 priests on Day One of their new religion! He will be esteemed as HOLY! How careful are we about the manner in which we worship today? Let’s close with 10:10. It needs to be understood, when we go through the Law soon, that all that is sinful is unclean, but that not all that is unclean is sinful! A distinction is made right here, that the unclean may be declared so for no other reason than that it is common, and not holy! Holiness… It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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