Israel’s Spiritual “Barometer”

Read 65.) Deuteronomy 26:16 thru 28:68. The last of Chapter 26 closes with Moses’ strong admonition to remain faithful to the Lord and to walk in all His ways. It will become abundantly clear why very shortly. Then, with chapter 27, we read of the command unto Israel to erect a special monument and an altar unto the Lord. This monument would be a large-scale model of the 2 stone tablets upon which The 10 Commandments would be inscribed and erected upon the top of Mt. Ebal. There would be one national assembly once inside the Promised Land, where half of Israel would stand on Mt. Gerazim, and the other half on Ebal. The point being that of blessing and cursing. All of Israel was to understand that by their commitment and obedience would come all the promised good of God upon them as a nation; but that to forget God, and go their own way would not be without consequence, but would result in very specifically named curses from God. They would always be able to have a spiritual “barometer” as to how they were doing as a nation before God. And by God’s actions toward them, they could always know where they stood, and what their actions and behavior toward God ought to be. Think about that! For Christian believers today, this is not so. We are already blessed, with every spiritual blessing, with Christ Jesus in heaven! And, we need to think more on that! Don’t let lying hucksters today try to convince you otherwise. The 12 curses of chapter 27 revolve around at least 5 of the 10 Commandments, and the twin issues of justice and mercy. Can you find them? The last one, in verse 26, is a general summation to keep all the Word of the Lord.

Chapter 28 is as a capstone to all the book, and ought to be read with greater care. It is here that the Lord, thru Moses, lays out all their blessings and curses, but note how the first 15 verses go to the blessings, while all the rest of this lengthy chapter relates to His curses, should they turn away from Him. Let’s note specifically how Israel’s spiritual “barometer” would read for them. We can find victory in verse 7 and prosperity in verse 11. But, with verse 15, we turn from the blessings to the curses. What would they be? We see diseases in verse 21, drought and pestilence in verse 22. We see military defeat with verse 25. We find captivity with verse 36 and poverty with verse 48. Then, with verse 49, it turns prophetic. This will be The 5th Prophecy Concerning Israel, in the order in which the 7 are fulfilled. It is of their conquest, dispersion, captivity and destruction; all of which would take place under Babylon in a 605-586 BC window, 800 years still in the future. Then, the most incredible thing is foretold; Israel would resort to cannibalism in their end, says verses 53 thru 57! God will reverse the two promises of many descendants and of the Promised Land, says verses 62 and 63. Chapter 28 finally ends with The 5th Prophecy of Israel’s Dispersion, beginning with verse 64. And, He is not thru yet! There’s still more… Next! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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