Finding Your Strength in God!

Read 93.) I Samuel 23:1 thru 25:1a, and Psalms 63, 54 and 57. We don’t have any certain clues, but we are almost certainly around 1020 BC. We open with 23:1-6, and a battle of David’s to deliver a place named Keilah. This gave rise to a pursuit of David by Saul in order to kill him. David fled that place to hide out in desert strongholds, where Jonathan found him and “helped him find strength in God“. This resulted in our receiving Psalm 63! Indeed, David was greatly strengthened in God, wasn’t he? What a perfect example for us all! Then, beginning at 23:19, we have a second episode whereby Saul sought after David’s life again. This one involved some people called the Ziphites. They ‘ratted’ David out to Saul, and Saul set out in pursuit of David, but he had to turn back, because Philistines had entered their land to raid it, and Saul needed to leave off from pursuing David to defend his kingdom. With this context in mind, now read Psalm 54, which comes out of this occasion. Don’t you just love reading a Psalm, and knowing precisely what gave rise to it? We can personally relate, and know that we can also call out to God and receive the same help!

Chapter 24 relates this amazing story of how that Saul set out for a third time to find and kill David, but the Lord delivered Saul into David’s hand inside a cave. David, being of such a heart and spirit as to do only what was good and right in the sight of the Lord, his God, would not destroy Saul. Instead, David used the occasion to prove his innocence and his loyalty unto Saul, his king. See how that David is another, like Joseph was, to continually acknowledge the Lord in all his speech and ways. It is the Proverbs 3:5+6 principle. Here, David makes mention of the Lord in his communication to Saul 8 times; and Saul responded in kind! This resulted in the Lord working in this situation, and was recognized by David as such; as it gave him the Spirit inspiration to pen Psalm 57 for us. It is filled with praise from out of a heart filled with gratitude. God had delivered David once again from the jaws of seemingly certain death!

We all have our difficulties. We will all have our great challenges. We can look to David. We can read of his life-threatening difficulties, and we can go to those Psalms he penned from out of the depths of his many troubles, and join with him in seeking the Lord, and experiencing His deliverances. We can share in that same heart filled with relief, joy, gratitude and of praise unto the Lord, our God! Our reading ends with a great man of God, Samuel, passing away, and going to that place in Sheol, where the righteous dead of the Hebrew Bible and our Old Testament resided. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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