The Good King David and His Many Successes

Read 100.) II Samuel 8:1 thru 10:19; I Chronicles 18:1-19:19, and Psalm 60. With such favor and promises as God has shown David, we next read of important military victories the Lord gave him over his enemies round about. Beginning with chapter 8, we read of his triumphs over Philistia to the west, Moab to the east, Syria to the northeast, and Edom to the southeast. But, note David’s heart, as it is expressed in verse 11. All the precious metals of the plunder taken were dedicated unto the Lord! Later, we will learn just how much, and what it was worth in today’s dollars. The figure will astonish you! From verse 15, we then read that David did “what was just and right for all his people“! As he had been a good shepherd boy, and a good servant/warrior in Saul’s army, so, now, after ascending to the throne over all Israel. David is a good king! What more could he do? We see yet another side in chapter 9. David wished to do good, and honor his dear friend, Jonathan, son of Saul, in whose stead he reigned. Jonathan faithfully followed his father into battle and was slain on Mt. Gilboa in I Samuel chapter 31, probably some 10 years before by now. A son of Jonathan still lived, Mephibosheth, and David showed him great kindness.

Then, with chapter 10, David goes back to war. It was against the Arameans again, as we saw them also in chapter 8. Since chapters 8 and 10 each open with a mention of an indefinite amount of time, we can only assume that we are in the 990’s BC, and that David is likely in his 40’s. These commanders of David’s, Joab and Abishai were brothers, and nephews of David, the sons of a sister of his. The I Chronicles reading is very similar, differing in very small details, such as telling what became of much of the bronze that David took.

With this report of the great and total victories that God gave unto David, occasion for Psalm 60 arose. Read it now, as it was born of the record of these battles. It would appear that David was somewhat fearful, and concerned that God might not go forth with his army into these battles. And, it was from out of such concern that David turned to, and resorted to the Lord, imploring Him for His aid, that he might be given the victories. And, so he was! It is no wonder then, that David dedicated the gold and the silver of the spoils of war unto the Lord. So, we too, whenever we face a monumental task, one that looks to be too great for us, can go to God, in fear and trembling, and pray His favor and for good success. He delights in the prayers of His saints, and to receive the glory for successes won! Next, we will learn that even the very best of God’s men… can fall. This, too, is what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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