He’s Worth More than Anything!

Read 108.) I Chronicles 26:20 thru 29:22. We’re almost through David’s life. He’s been an incredible study, of both the best and the worst that is in a godly man. Our reading begins with those who would be in charge of, and responsible for the protection of all that would be in the future temple treasuries. We already saw that David contributed some $147 billion, to go into its very adornment, back in chapter 22. How much more would reside within its treasuries? Chapter 27 tells of some 288,000 of David’s 1.6 million-man army, and how that they served rounds of active duty. This Benaiah of verse 6 was one of David’s mightiest warriors and chief of his bodyguard, according to II Sam.23:20-23. With verse 23, we have a reminder of the very first Promise and Prophecy God made unto Abraham concerning Israel, going back nearly 1,120 years before, that of many descendants! The remaining verses, 25 thru 34, tell us of David’s other possessions as the king, besides the precious metals we are about to read of.

It’s this closing passage, 28:1-29:22, we’d like to focus upon. It contains so much of great value to us, especially as we are to realize that David is probably in the last year of his life and reign. It’s maybe about 971 BC. We have 28:8 to remind of us the conditional nature of God’s Promise of the Land. Verse 9 is even more beautiful. Though it is addressed to Solomon, who of us cannot sense the very same call to our own heart? “Seek Him… He will be found by you!” But, especially note verse 12. The Temple that Solomon would build was planned and revealed by God Himself unto David by the Holy Spirit! Note all the very specifics, even down to the quantity of gold and silver to be used to make each utensil! With verse 19 we see the meaning of illumination. God gave him understanding of that which He had revealed unto him. And, so, with chapter 28, we have all the plans. With that part of chapter 29 we are reading, we learn of all the materials and their worth! This is all to be over-and-above that which he had already contributed last reading in chapter 22, the spoils of his wars worth some $147 billion! Here, he gives his personal wealth. Some $3.8 billion in gold, and $127 million in silver; and then asks his leaders to give, and they contribute another $6.5 billion in gold and $183 million in silver. Between the spoils of war, and the gifts from David and his leadership, we’re talking about some $158 billion just in gold and silver!!! What would this quantity of precious metals look like??? To know Him, walk with Him, and to seek His face; so as to find Him, is worth far more than it all!!! Have you ever yet sought, and found, the Lord? It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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