When Nothing Is Going Right

Read 115.) Psalms 120, 121, 140, 143 and 144. We had 35 Psalms of the Troubled Soul, some 23% of them. Here are the last 5. Psalm 120: A 7-verse psalm of ascents; these were sung or recited while going up to Jerusalem during those 3 times a year each man was to appear before the Lord. See how this psalm is as a complaint against those who tell hurtful lies v.2+3, and against those who desire to make war, rather than peace v.5-7. The liar will be paid back for their wrong by the Lord v.3+4. It will be in answer to his prayer v.1+2. And though the Lord answers that request v.1, there would seem to be no remedy yet concerning those who want to make war v.6+7. Perhaps, that would be answered at a later time. Psalm 121: This is a truly beautiful 9-verse psalm of ascents. It may even serve as an answer to the distress expressed in the previous psalm! The looking up to the hills would be a looking on up ahead, towards Jerusalem and the Temple, the dwelling place of the Lord. It is an expression of confidence and hope, that in whatever distresses, it is the Lord who will come through and render aid! He ever watches over His own to protect them from harm. The believer will never know, this side of heaven, all the many deliverances He has worked for the one who has placed their full trust in Him!

Psalm 140: The 13 verses here are another of David’s many complaints to the Lord of those who both speak and work ill for him, with a desire to take his very life. It would appear that he is still in the midst of this trouble, and has not yet been delivered. It is evil men, who by their words v.3, 9+11, and their actions v.1, 4+5, 8+11, David is in need of being saved from v.1, 4 and 6-8. With the last 2 verses, he expresses his confidence in the Lord, that He will yet come through; and, so, He did! Psalm 143: With 12 more verses, David most ardently expresses his deep need for God’s immediate help. This must come from when he was on the run; perhaps from Saul, or maybe his own son, Absalom. In either case, he is running for his very life, while enemies are in hot pursuit of him. Read it slowly, and aloud, and feel the passion David emotes here. He sounds as if he is just about at the very ‘end of his rope’ v.4+7! As with Psalm 140, David is in his trouble still, and by no means through it yet, and fears that unless God answers in that very night v.8, he will die! Psalm 144: If with Psalms 140 and 143, David is deep in trouble, and greatly in fear for his life; this psalm expresses his even greater confidence and faith, that though he is dealing with a foreign enemy, the Lord God Almighty of Israel is their sure help and defense, Who will give them the victory v.10, and greatly prosper their nation v.11-14. Thus, will God do for any nation of peoples who will own the Lord as their God! Thus, it has been for the United States of America for at least the first 2 centuries of its existence. May it be so again soon!!! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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