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Why the Bible IS the Word of God

What is it that man cannot do? Man cannot foretell the future. See Isa.44:25+26, 41:23 and 45:21.┬áMany have claimed to do so, but we can’t. If there is a God who is all-knowing, He could though. And, what if, to … Continue reading

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Passion Week Gospel Reading

I will complete Solomon’s Ecclesiastes soon, but I have been asked to compile a Passion Week Gospel reading list, and thought I’d share that with you as well. Passion Week will commence for us in 2017, on Sunday, April 9, … Continue reading

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Did Solomon Fall Short?

Read 150.) Ecclesiastes chapters 7, 8 and 9. I have been contending that Solomon started out so well; at least up to that which we read in I Kings 10:13. But, from that point, until now, Solomon let it go … Continue reading

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Where Did Solomon’s Wisdom Go?

Read 149.) Ecclesiastes chapters 4, 5 and 6. I have been contending that God wanted to save the world in a centripetal fashion, by means of His covenant with Israel. They would be His people, do as He had commanded, … Continue reading

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Solomon, The Fool?

Read 148.) Ecclesiastes chapters 1 thru 3. The words of wisdom that is this book of Ecclesiastes, was believed to have been written by Solomon towards the end of his life. I Kings 10:23 tells that he was wisest on … Continue reading

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Solomon TOTALLY Blows It!!!

Read 147.) I Kings 10:14 thru 11:40, and II Chronicles 9:13 thru 28. Please, go back and read #135, How God Wanted to Save the World. The importance of that post cannot be understated. God had a centripetal plan whereby … Continue reading

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What Is The Song of Solomon?

Read 146.) Psalm 127 and The Song of Solomon. Psalm 127 would be the very last one that we can note from a chronological perspective. That is; there are none left in scripture that appear to have been written, or … Continue reading