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The First Kings of Israel & Judah

Read 153.) I Kings 13:33 thru 15:8a and II Chronicles 11:18 thru 14:1a. We are reading of the first kings of the divided kingdom, Israel and Judah. In Judah, to the south, we read of Rehoboam and his son, Abijah. … Continue reading

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Unfaithfulness Causes Division!

Read 152.) I Kings 11:41 thru 13:32, and II Chronicles 9:29 thru 11:17.┬áMy thesis has been all along that God’s Plan would revolve around 7 Promises and Prophecies fulfilled thru 9 Time Stages or Phases in the Hebrew Bible, or … Continue reading

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Why Solomon Failed

Read 151.) Ecclesiastes chapters 10 through 12. Solomon ruled Israel for 40 years. Scholars tell us that period was likely 970 to 930 BC. He was said to have been the wisest man of his time, according to I Kings … Continue reading

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