Unfaithfulness Causes Division!

Read 152.) I Kings 11:41 thru 13:32, and II Chronicles 9:29 thru 11:17. My thesis has been all along that God’s Plan would revolve around 7 Promises and Prophecies fulfilled thru 9 Time Stages or Phases in the Hebrew Bible, or Christian Old Testament. This shows the entire OT is a miracle! God did all this supernaturally. With this reading, we transition within God’s Program. This is still the 4th prophecy, the one concerning that period of Israel’s history that would be characterized by their unfaithfulness to the Lord. It began about 1350 BC in Judges chapter 2. This being 930 BC, it has gone on for some 420+ years. It has also extended thru the Judges Phase, to 1052 BC, and now, as we read today, will have done so thru all the United Kingdom Stage. The book of Judges is all about Israel’s unfaithfulness. Israel asked for a king in I Samuel chapters 8 thru 10, and that was all about Israel’s unfaithfulness. Now, that the kingdom is about to split, and we commence the Divided Kingdom Phase, the entire reason is, once again, due to Solomon’s and Israel’s unfaithfulness unto the Lord. This will continue for 325 more years, until the next prophecy commences to be fulfilled in 605 BC.

Beginning with I Kings 11:41, Solomon dies. Right at I Kings 12:15, the time stage of The United Kingdom Phase ends; and beginning with 12:16, The Divided Kingdom Stage begins. Solomon, who had written and compiled the Book of Proverbs specifically for his sons, and particularly for this one who would come to reign, had raised a fool. He is no wiser than Solomon, himself, had been during much of the last half of his own reign. There is a giant lesson in all of this: Foolishness results in unfaithfulness, and unfaithfulness begets division. Unfaithfulness divides relationships. In this case, it divided the entire Kingdom of Israel, among the people of God! Reading on, all we see is unfaithfulness… and division. Without repentance, more unfaithfulness results, and division deepens, and even hardens into place, resulting in ‘irreconcilable’ differences. We never read of the kingdom reuniting. It will… much later. See, too, what we have in I Kings 13. In verse 18, we have a lie. And, with verse 19, we have deception. What did this lie and deception result in? Unnecessary death! Why? Because someone was unfaithful, and lied. Foolish unfaithfulness can cause needless death! Maybe you know such a story.

I close on this important point for believers on the Lord: Read I Kings 13:7 thru 17; and to reinforce this very same principle, read also, II Chronicles 11:13 thru 17. In one word, that point and principle is separation. The people of the Lord, to be truly faithful unto Him, must separate themselves from the wicked world system and religious evil that is not of the Lord. We are to separate ourselves from those things, and do so unto the Lord. This is not just separation; it is also sanctification; a setting apart unto that which is holy. If you have never been made aware of this; it, too, is what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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