The Origin of Satan?

Read 182.) Isaiah 13:1 thru 16:14. Isaiah’s ministry lasted all his entire adult life, and is thought to have commenced about 750 BC and ended about 681 BC. From Hebrews 11:37, it is believed that it was Isaiah who was sawn in two on orders from wicked King Manasseh of Judah, for his constant prophesying against Judah, her king and all their wicked sins against God.

We begin with chapter 13. It is an oracle against Babylon! Now understand this; Babylon would not become a world power on the scene for at least another 100 years! God had yet to raise up Babylon! And, what is the prophecy here? That He would raise it up, for the purpose of executing His vengeance! There’s another meaning here, too, because, beginning with verse 6, we go to the Tribulation. See the clear word clues? Those first 5 verses also speak to the amassing of the nations to take out Israel in the very last days. It seems to end with verse 13. It is “the day of His burning anger!” Then, miraculously, we learn of Babylon’s end, from v.14 to the end, at the hands of the Medes! This will not happen for nearly 200 more years!!! Babylon rose 612-606 BC, but was overthrown by the Medes in 539 BC. Chapter 14 opens with a Millennial promise of the restoration of Israel and its place in the Millennial Kingdom. Verses 3 thru 8 speaks of Israel’s exultation in their recovery. Beginning with verse 9, but especially verses 12 thru 15, we have what has come to be understood as the very origin of he who is the devil and Satan. There are his 5 “I wills,” in defiance of God, resulting in his casting out of heaven. Many see a corollary in Ezekiel 28, verses 11 thru 17.  Do these passages tell us how Satan came to be? It has been long thought so, and I share that opinion. Babylon’s doom is final with verse 23. The remaining 2 passages, 24 thru 27, and 28 thru 32, speak of the end of Assyria and Philistia. As we see how God will destroy Assyria in Judah soon, so, too will He destroy all nations in the very end of the Tribulation, says verse 26. The chapter ends, with 32b, expressing a Millennial hope to Israel.

Chapters 15 and 16 are of Moab, to Israel’s east, on the other side of the Jordan River. She, too, will be destroyed, then restored. But the restoration here will be under Jesus in the Millennium, is what 16:5 is saying, when that land will became a part of all the land God promised to Abraham. The passage ends with verse 14 saying Moab’s end would come within 3 years, likely referring to its fall with the time of Israel’s, to the north by Assyria, and puts this passage at 725 BC. It’s all God’s Word and amazing prophecy!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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