Will There be a Resurrection?

Read 186.) Isaiah 26:1 thru 28:29. The prophet Isaiah wrote the longest of the Major Writing Prophets. His ministry may have lasted as long as 70 years! Chapter 26 opens with praise unto God, in the time of the Millennium, when Israel will dwell securely. See it as a future hope held out for Israel today, so that in the face of utter annihilation, they might know that they will be saved from their enemies and thoroughly restored. He goes on at length to speak of the righteous and the wicked, and we see gems in verse 3 and the first part of verses 4 and 9. But, a key passage, verses 14 thru 19, settle forever, long before the New Testament, what is the longing and hope for those who belong to the Lord: It is a physical, bodily resurrection from the dead! For believing Israel, at the time of the very end, when Israel is being destroyed, and Jesus returns, these saints will be raised up! Verses 20+21 correspond with what we read of the Tribulation in Revelation 19:11 thru 20:15. Jesus returns to earth. He saves remnant Israel, and at the end of Rev.20, this present earth dissolves before final judgment, and a new earth is revealed. It says there that the earth will give up her dead at the time of its dissolution. II Peter 3:10 thru 13 tell us of this time, as well.

Chapter 27 continues in a Tribulation vein with verse 1, before telling us more of the Millennial Kingdom beginning with verse 2 thru at least verse 6, and possibly thru verse 9. As 7 thru 9 look to speak of that time of transitioning between the Tribulation and the Millennium. Verses 12 and 13 certainly speak to that time of the transition between the two, as Israel is being restored, and is receiving all of that land God promised, all the way back unto Abraham, beginning at Genesis 12:1. The extent of all the Promised Land is first seen at the end of Genesis 15, and has never yet been fulfilled unto Israel, and only will be, ultimately, when Messiah Jesus comes for the second time!

Chapter 28 is loaded. Verses 1 thru 4 pronounce woe on the northern kingdom of Israel, about to be captured by Assyria. Verses 5 and 6, however, hold out the hope that a remnant will survive, and ultimately prevail at that moment Jesus returns. See it? Then back to Israel’s guilt, shame and downfall. Verses 9 thru 13 speak of the burden of legalism, when men attempt to teach that the Lord is all about rules and requirements, as so many think today. When in reality, He tells us that it is about faith and trust in Him, that leads to rest and repose! This would be just what Jesus told us in Mt.11:28 thru 30. Then, with verses 14 and 15, we go to Jerusalem, and the time when Babylon will come for them, in 605 BC. At that time, Hezekiah’s reforms of 725 BC will be long gone, and the people of Jerusalem would make a pact with the devil, rather than with the Lord, for their protection… But, with verses 16+17a, we have a Messianic prophecy, of Jesus, the Cornerstone, and their True Deliverer! From 16b and following, however, He is saying how that before His deliverance comes to them, all Israel and Judah will know destruction, beforehand; but with verse 21, He returns to save them. This is Israel’s Tribulation, and Second Coming prophecy! The chapter closes, verses 23 thru 29, with this farming picture. It is to explain how that each must be dealt with in his own way, and in his own good time, but that He will do it! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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