Isaiah Says Jesus is God!

Read 194.) Isaiah 41:11 thru 43:13. This reading opens on a high note of Millennial hope! The first passage is 41:11 thru 20. Coming off of the promise of verse 10, where God says He will come to Israel’s aid and defense, we can see obvious fulfillment of this already, right from the nation’s founding 69 years ago in 1948. See the video, Above and Beyond, of the founding of Israel’s air force then. The evidence of the miraculous and the divine is all over it! Read of the  1967 6-Day war. God was there for Israel! Time and again, even down to this day! God placed Israel back in her land, and has been a shield and defense for her. It is a sure sign of the end times! The current passage specifically refers to when Christ returns for Israel’s defense at the end of the Tribulation, and of things that will take place at the founding of His Millennial Kingdom. Verse 23 says that only God can foretell the future. It’s obvious that man cannot! This is so instructional, because all of Israel’s recorded history in the Bible was foretold by God, and we are tracing that out as we read thru it chronologically. This is the Fourth of The Seven Promises and Prophecies concerning all Israel’s recorded Bible history. It is the Period of Unfaithfulness that commenced at Judges 2:10, and is about to be completely fulfilled in 586 BC. Their unfaithfulness is resulting in the fifth of those prophecies, their Expulsion from out of the Land. That nearly all the Bible is prophecy and fulfillment is the proof that God exists and the Bible is His Word. There is no other work like it!

Chapter 42 opens with Millennial hope, as well, in verses 1 thru 4. This is Jesus, the Messiah, King of the earth when He returns. Note verse 8, and what Jesus said in John 17:5… how, then, can Jesus not be God! Going into praise, at verse 10, Isaiah again points to Christ’s Return in verse 13. The chapter closes, chiding Israel and Judah for not listening and obeying, to result in their exile. We come back to the Millennium once again, with the first 7 verses of chapter 43. God will redeem Israel. He will be with them. He is their Savior, all because He loves them. This comes to pass in the Millennial Kingdom. Then, verses 8 thru 13, we have this tremendous testimony to the deity of Jesus Christ! He is God. Verse 10 declares there is only one God, and verse 11 says this one God is the only savior; yet what is it we so commonly call Jesus? What was it Matthew said Jesus would do in 1:21 of his Gospel account, or Luke recorded the angel as calling Jesus in 2:11 of his Gospel, or John told us Jesus was in I John 4:14, or Paul said of Jesus in Acts 13:23? Go to a concordance and see just how many times the title, savior, is applied to Jesus throughout the New Testament by all its writers. If Jehovah is the only savior, and Jesus is the only other called savior in the Bible, how can it be that Jesus is not also Jehovah?!?!? It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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