This is What the Bible Really Says!

If you have not already, please read the previous post before this one. The Bible should not be believed, unless it is actually just what it claims to be; the very Word of the One, True and Living God! Is it?

There are many literary types, but of all of them, the Bible is largely Historical Narrative, before any other kind. It purports to be an actual historical record of God’s most important dealings with mankind. But, the Bible is not arranged in chronological order, so that it can be read as the historical account that it is. So, I have reordered the content of the Bible that it might follow the order in which the events unfolded. When you do that, something amazing shows up. There’s an easily discernible order to everything! There is a 7-point outline that unfolds thru 12 distinct time periods! Note the two numbers, 7 and 12. These are so quintessentially Bible numbers, as 7 and 12 appear in so many places in the Scriptures! The 7 points are 7 Promises and Prophecies given by God!

With reading number 265 just completed, since starting on April 11, 2016, we have read thru 5 of the 7 points in the outline, and completed 8 of the 12 time periods. The Bible story is incredibly, even supernaturally, orderly! The 5 points of the 7-point outline we have read thru so far, are 1.) Many Descendants from Gen.12:1 thru Ex.1:7, 2.) Enslavement and Deliverance; the Exodus from Ex.1:8 thru Josh.5:12, 3.) The Promised Land from Josh.5:13 thru Judg.2:9, 4.) Israel’s Unfaithfulness, and the breaking of their covenant with God from Judg.2:10 thru II Chron.36:19, and now, 5.) Israel’s Expulsion from out of her Promised Land. A 6th Promise and Prophecy is going to begin fulfillment with our very next reading, numbered 266.

Since beginning our reading plan thru the Bible, we have just completed the 8th of the 12 time periods involved. They are: 1.) The Origins Period of Gen.1:1 thru 11:32, then 2.) The Patriarchal Period of Gen.12:1 thru Ex.1:7, then 3.) The Exodus Period of Ex.1:8 thru Josh.5:12, then 4.) The Conquest Period of Josh.5:13 thru Judg.2:9, then 5.) The Judges Period of Judg.2:10 thru I Sam.10:27, then, 6.) The United Kingdom Period of I Sam.8:1 thru I Ki.12:15 and II Chron.10:15, then 7.) The Divided Kingdom Period of I Ki.12:16 and II Chron.10:16 thru the destruction of Jerusalem and the expulsion of its inhabitants as recorded for us in II Ki.25:21 and II Chron.36:19. We have just completed another time period, 8.) Israel’s Expulsion out of her Promised Land. We began to read of this with II Ki.25:21 and II Chron.36:20; and it has ended with that which we just read in Daniel chapter 6, as the very next reading will commence the fulfillment of the 6th of the 7 Promises and Prophecies, as well as to commence the 9th of the time periods. Israel is about to be 6.) Restored back into her Promised Land in that 9.) Period of Restoration, which will finalize and complete all of the historical Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible, record of ancient Israel’s history. Every bit of this was to serve one very specific purpose. It was recorded to convince any reader that God truly exists, and that His 7th Promise and Prophecy, of which the 4 Gospel accounts, also history, was all about, was so that you might believe on Messiah and be SAVED by God from the eternal penalty of your sins! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell


About ForeverKingdom

I am an evangelical Christian who has been a reader and a student of the Word of God for more than 4 decades. I want to share my discoveries from out of the Word of God for the edification of others.
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2 Responses to This is What the Bible Really Says!

  1. Debbie L says:

    Yearly, I’ve been reading the Bible in chronological order now for about 5 years! It really helps me understand God’s plan for mankind.

  2. Like nothing else! I will be returning to Asia in February to train 50 more pastors in the 5 tools that open up the scriptures, beginning with reading thru them chronologically. Harold

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