God has NO Grandchildren!

Read 203.) Nahum 1:1 thru 3:19, and 204.) II Kings 21:17 thru 22:2 and II Chronicles 33:11 thru 34:7. With this reading, we come to the 7th Minor Writing Prophet Nahum. But, first, a brief word concerning Isaiah, of whom we just finished reading. It is believed that Isaiah was killed by King Mannasseh of Judah, and is the one referred to in Hebrews 11:37 as having been sawn in two. I’ve seen dates of 686 and 681 for this. As we read Nahum, Mannasseh is still king, and his 3 chapter book is dated at about 650 BC, shortly before Mannasseh’s end. As Jonah had been a prophet to Nineveh, principal city of Assyria some 125 years before, and it repented then; after Jonah, she reverted back to her old ways. This time, there would be no reprieve, and Nineveh was to be destroyed. And, it was, in 612 BC, by Babylon.

Chapter 1 is the Lord’s expression of His anger towards Nineveh. Verse 7 gives us a sweet second of reprieve. Where do you stand; as a foe, or as one who trusts in Him? There is no middle ground of neutrality. Chapter 2 then goes further to describe Nineveh’s impending doom. It will be complete and final. Chapter 3 concludes with a cry of woe against her, and with not a word of comfort or solace to be shared. Nineveh has sealed her doom!

Now, to the Kings and Chronicles parallel passages. We begin to move again in time. Mannasseh comes to the end of his life and reign, and his young son, Amon, assumes the throne at the age of 22. This is all right around the 740 BC. Amon is a wicked fellow, as his father had been, and he is assassinated two years into his reign, but note briefly here, that Josiah then comes to the throne at the age of 8. Amon died at 24. He was fathering children when he was 15? This Josiah is going to be an incredible breath of ‘fresh air.’ But, first, lets note Mannasseh’s end, as it was recorded in the Chronicles.

II Chronicles 33:11 thru 16 tells us of Mannasseh’s personal conversion experience. We read of precious few of those. It begins when the Lord brought pressure to bear upon Mannasseh in verse 11. Verse 12 tells us that he responded to the Lord’s pressure properly; he turned to the Lord in deep contrition and repentance. God forgave Mannasseh all his many wickednesses and affected a restoration of him to his throne, says verse 13. Then, with verses 14, 15 and 16, we see that his repentance and conversion were genuine. It was real, and it lasted. He went on to affect many reforms in Judah. However, it seemingly had no good influence upon his son, Amon, who came to the throne next, according to verse 22. How well this illustrates that truth I once heard that Billy Graham had spoken, that God has no grandchildren, only children. Have you had any true conversion experience like Manasseh had? This, too, is what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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Isaiah Reveals the Truth of Hell’s Existence

Read 202.) Isaiah 65:1 thru 66:24. Isaiah has given us so much, about Israel and Judah, and what was coming their way, about the End Times with its 3 component parts of the Tribulation, the Millennium and with this reading, even the Eternal State. But, most of all, we were told so much about Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. With this last reading, we get one more huge matter revealed for the first time, at the very end. With the first 7 verses of chapter 65, the Lord complains again of His people, and of their impending judgment to come. Beginning with verse 8, He holds out hope for a remnant; those who seek Him. But, for the rest, only judgment and doom. However, with verse 17, we have, for the very first time, mention of what will come with the advent of the Eternal State, after the Millennial Kingdom. Verse 17 takes us directly to Revelation 21:1. The end of verse 19 goes to Rev.21:4. This is Eternal State stuff, never before seen! Then, with verse 20, to the end of the chapter, it is of the Millennium.

We close Isaiah with chapter 66. It tells of judgment and of future hope again, but with one very special twist more… at the end! The last half of verse 2 is so incredibly important for us, because it is not required that a person only be humble and contrite, but that they also must be in awe of and tremble at His Word. So few pay any real heed to the Word of God at all, and it is a crying shame. Instead, even most humble and contrite people still choose their own ways. The judgment ends at verse 6. Verses 7 thru 14 are of the future Millennium. Then, within verse 14, it reverts back to the Tribulation. And, then, with verse 18, to Isaiah’s end, we are back to the Millennial Kingdom one last time.

But, see the last 3 verses. There is mention again of a new atmosphere and earth in verse 22. This is Revelation 21:1 talk, and pertains to the Eternal State of the very last 2 chapters of the Bible. However, verses 23 and 24, speak of an incredible activity that will take place during the Millennium, the 1,000-year reign of Christ, over this present earth. Do you see what is interesting there? Verse 24, and especially its very last lines. Jesus quoted those. Do you recall? He did. Read Mark 9:42 thru 49.

There are those who say, and teach, There is No Hell! They claim that it is not an Old Testament teaching, and even that it is not a New Testament teaching. They could not be more mistaken. Jesus, of all Bible characters, said more of, and warned more against hell, than all other Bible characters combined. In Matthew alone, some 16 times. See 5:22, 29+30, 10:28, 18:8+9, 23:33, and 25:41+46 for examples. Hell is a New Testament teaching, and Jesus taught it. But, with Mark 9, Jesus tells us of His Old Testament proof text and authority for Hell. Jesus quoted this last verse of Isaiah! Hell, it too, is what the Book is all about! See Revelation 20:11 thru 15, and 21:8!

Harold F Crowell

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The Glorious Millennium of Christ’s Reign!

Read 201.) Isaiah 60:1 thru 64:12. From our last reading, we had arrived at a place in Isaiah where he is going to be given a lengthy prophecy filled with promise and hope concerning Israel’s future. The obvious word clues are there… it is the Millennial Kingdom under the rulership of Jesus Christ! It commences with the closing verse of chapter 59, and we continue in Chapter 60. It is about Jerusalem, Jesus’ coming, and the glorious establishment of His throne there! A number of the descriptive phrases used here, can also be found in Revelation 21 and 22, as descriptors of the Holy City, New Jerusalem, to come down from God out of heaven, at the commencement of the eternal state, after the Millennium.

Chapter 61 opens with that passage Jesus read from in His return to His own hometown synagogue in Luke 4. Because it was Messianic, and He claimed it for Himself, they wanted to kill Him, as He was saying to them that He was their Messiah! After 61:2a, right thru to the end of the chapter, we read of Israel’s glorious restoration and ultimate elevation. This will come to pass, after Christ returns for His Kingdom. He will do it Himself! Chapter 62 continues in this same vein. It is all only good! These promises made, will commence at His Return. They will last for 1,000 years, says Revelation chapter 20. And, then, after the Millennium, all that was promised to last forever, that would be everlasting, would also carry on right into the eternal state of things as we read of them in Revelation chapters 21 and 22, in the new earth that is to come. But, then, with chapter 63, and the first 6 verses, we go to the Tribulation, and the second coming of Christ, told us again in Revelation 19:11 thru 21. After those first 6 verses, Isaiah breaks forth in praise thru verse 14, and then a prayer, beginning at verse 15, unto the Lord, his God. Isaiah’s plea unto God continues into, and right thru all of, chapter 64. It would appear to even have its own prophetic content and nature, as though Isaiah was praying after God had used Babylon to destroy Jerusalem. See how he mentions the loss of their temple, with 63:18 and its burning in 64:11? These things did not even take place for another 100 years, in 586 BC!

We have one more reading in Isaiah, before we say goodbye to him. Isaiah chapters 65 and 66 are going to proclaim, as he comes to the end of his life and ministry, some of the most incredible things of all that he has said, making him to go out, as it were, in a blaze of glory. Watch for it soon. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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Israel… Would You Be Blessed?

Read 200.) Isaiah 57:1 thru 59:21. We approach the conclusion of Isaiah’s life and ministry. His ministry began about 750 BC, but ended, depending upon sources, sometime around 686 to 681 BC, lasting nearly 65-70 years! Chapter 57 opens and continues for the first 13 verses with another condemnation of surviving Israel for their forgetting and forsaking of the Lord, having turned unto idols; even unto the sacrificing of some of their own children! The tone changes with verse 14, and the Lord proclaims who it is that is accepted of Him. And, who is that person; the one who is contrite and lowly. We use terms meek, humble and unassuming. These are the opposite of the proud, who are loud about themselves.

Chapter 58 takes us to a couple of topics not often addressed, fasting and prayer. What instruction might we take away about these things? The first element is obviously true sincerity! A genuine desire to seek out and to find God is prerequisite. This chapter has been referred to and titled, God’s Chosen Fast, from the words of verses 5 and 6. And, what causes such fasting and prayer to be effectual? What demonstrates that one is truly sincere? It goes right back to the previous chapter, expressing contriteness and lowliness; and here, the actions that we have come to call social justice. Verses 8 and 9 then express the response that the Lord would bring, as do verses 11, 12 and 14. But, this is all clearly conditional. The Lord wants to be and to do all that He says unto Israel here, but with use of the word, “If,” 5 times in verses 9, 10 and 13, these blessings from the Lord are a conditional response, that would be based upon their repentance from their wickednesses, and a national reforming of themselves, that would result in the actions of social justice listed here. We would all do well to ask ourselves which of these two we are most like, and how we might be more like that which He has said that He desires.

Chapter 59 is then a restatement of God’s prescription for His people Israel, that He might come back to them, and super-abundantly bless them… If only they had been willing! Thru His prophet, Isaiah, He begins to list their sins, and the result that has come from them, with verses 1 thru 8. Personal consequences are described with verses 9 thru 11, but then… a manner of confession is made unto the Lord with verses 12 thru 15. Then watch! Beginning at verse 16, and because of Israel’s ‘confession’ of their many sins unto the Lord, He commences to prophesy of that Day when He, Jesus, will return to save surviving remnant Israel on the last day of the Tribulation, in which He comes to inaugerate His 1,000-year Millennial reign upon the earth, and to save those who repent; confessing in the manner as was recorded in verses 12 and 13! Then, beginning with verse 21, and will continue all thru the next several chapters, God reveals thru Isaiah what He is going to do, beginning with that Day that Israel will repent and return back unto Him! This is also what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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Jehovah: The Savior of the World!

Read 199.) Isaiah 54:4 thru 56:12. We continue in Isaiah just a few more days, before we bid him adieu. Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, we read in chapter 54 of the relationship between, Yahweh, the God of the Bible and of His people, Israel. It is one of a troubled marriage, but will resolve happily. This will become a more common theme among the prophets, as we will see. We can know this happy resolution will be in the Millennium, from the word clues in verses 8 and 9, “everlasting,” and “never again.”

Chapter 55 opens in the same vein, thru verse 5. Israel will be the pride of the Lord throughout the Millennial Kingdom, and the chief nation upon the earth. Verses 6 and 7 are perfect salvation verses. They stress the necessity of repentance; even defining it for us! Repentance is a forsaking of one’s own way and evil thoughts, and a turning to the Lord; resulting in pardon. No repentance? NO pardon! Did you repent, when you claim to have believed? Verses 8 and 9 are perfect verses for explaining just how high and great our God is! And, they so help to explain how necessary it is for us to seek His wisdom, when it comes to making decisions involving the issues of life! We need this, after we have repented and been pardoned. It is a description of how one lives the New Life in dependence upon God! And where can we find God’s wisdom? He tells us… it is in His Word, verses 10 and 11! Repent! Be pardoned! Live in His Word!!! The chapter ends, verses 12 and 13, in Millennium joy and peace! Hallelujah!!!

Concluding our reading with chapter 56, get this! That which God just promised, and held out as Israel’s true hope, is not for Israel alone… verses 1 thru 8 explain how that all that God had just promised to His people, Israel, was equally as applicable unto all peoples, as many as would be willing to draw near unto the Lord! God’s salvation, beginning at 55:1, with the invitation unto all who are spiritually thirsty, is an open invitation to all people’s, even as He already declared in 45:22.

See verse 7, at its end. Jesus quoted this very scripture, as He cleansed the Temple.  Recorded by Matthew, Mark and Luke, in their Gospel accounts; it took place on the Monday before He was crucified, and marked that very action of His, which resulted in His entering into His Passion for the sins of all the people of the world. That which He accomplished on the Cross, later that very week, was also for “all nations,” just as the Lord had promised Abraham it would be, in Genesis 12:3, two thousand years before it was to happen! THIS really is what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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The Super-Servant of the Lord!

Read 198.) Isaiah 51:1 thru 54:3. They were told. Israel was told 700 years before He came. Israel could have known. They’re were told what He would be like here; and, thru Daniel 9, even when He would come. He told them, Himself, while He was among them, in Luke 19:41+42. They should have known. Isaiah 51 is full of Millennial promise and hope! Verse 2 goes to God’s first promise, of The 7 Promises and Prophecies; He made of Abraham, many people, fulfilled by Exodus 1:7. This hope extends thru at least verse 11, and we are tipped off by it with the words of finality we find in verses 6, 8 and 11. Beginning at verse 17, however, the tone changes, and Israel’s judgment and destruction are its message, and may be of Israel’s Tribulation, but only until it comes back to Millennial blessing, again with verse 22. This Millennial passage extends into chapter 52, all the way thru verse 12. The One who is going to bring this hope to fulfillment for them is then revealed. He is the Servant of the Lord, their Messiah.

The Super-Servant of the Lord. 52:13 thru 15 is loaded! Verse 13 speaks of His Millennial exaltation, but verse 14 goes to His humiliation just before His crucifixion. Then, with verse 15, we learn what that was for; that He might sprinkle [with His soul-cleansing Blood, people of] many nations [for their eternal salvation]! The verse then goes right to His Second Coming against the kings of the earth ‘in that day,’ when He establishes His Kingdom on earth. Did I say this 3-verse passage was loaded? Yes, it is!!!

Isaiah chapter 53. They were told 700 years before. They should have known. Here is where we see why. This is: The Gospel According to Isaiah, right here! Read it slowly and carefully. The first 8 verses go to His atoning death on the Cross for all our sins. See that? Verse 9 says He was buried. Then, with the end of verse 10, we begin to read of His Resurrection from the dead! Verse 12 opens with mention of what He will do with His new life, when He returns to rule and reign. There is nothing like it in all the rest of the Word of God! They were told. They should have known. Watch the crucifixion scene in Zefferelli’s, Jesus of Nazareth, when they have the Nicodemus character, played by Sir Laurence Olivier, quoting Isaiah while gazing upon Christ on the Cross. It is a most moving scene! The final 3 verses in our reading, 54:1 thru 3, is to express the result of Messiah’s death, burial and resurrection. It is that many would come to faith in Christ, and be saved. The Apostle Paul saw that, and actually quoted from here to make that very point, in his epistle to the Galatians, chapter 4 and verse 27. You see, it’s all inter-connected, because it is truly all derived from one True and Living spiritual Source; God! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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The Servant of the Lord: Israel’s Hope!

Read 197.) Isaiah 48:16 thru 50:11. Reading Isaiah, at this point, he is addressing Israel, as we note from 48:1. He speaks by God’s Spirit and tells Israel what they could have had, had they only heeded the Lord; and, then, He closes by recounting some of God’s blessings He had given them early on, under Moses, some 750 years before.

Then, with chapter 49, we begin to learn of some special Servant of the Lord. This extends thru the first 7 verses, but the last part of verse 6 is the key to understanding the passage. Who could this be? We can know, by that which we read in Luke’s Gospel, chapter 2, and verse 32, where he quoted some of these very words, from out of the mouth of one Simeon, who was under the influence of the Holy Spirit in that moment. This servant is Jesus! And, we will see much more of Him, especially with the next reading. So much of the remainder of this chapter is of the Millennium. Verse 8 opens it, and speaks of the very Day of Christ’s Return in Israel’s defense. It tells of Israel’s ultimate restoration, and of all her Millennial blessing, even to how her full Promised Land allotment will finally be fulfilled. This was first given unto Abraham, the first Hebrew, in Genesis 15:18 and 19. So much of that area is desert now, but will be a watered and fruitful land then!

Chapter 50 tells us more of this Super-Servant! See, especially, beginning at verse 5. It extends thru verse 9, and we can, once again, readily identify Jesus, particularly with verse 6; as it goes right to His Passion and the day of His crucifixion! With the final 2 verses, 10 and 11, we have a fascinating look into God’s salvation, by His grace, and thru our faith. This is that picture portrayed with verse 10. While verse 11 speaks to us of those who would not trust and rely upon the Lord, but would light their own way, with their own religion, wisdom and righteousness. Their end will be torment! We’re about to see the clearest picture of the Servant of the Lord, and what He would do, next. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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