It’s 586 BC and Israel’s End is Coming!

Read 237.) Ezekiel 25:1 thru 17, 29:1 thru 16, and 30:1 thru 31:18. Ezekiel and Jeremiah were contemporaries. Jeremiah was left to prophesy unto Judah and Jerusalem. Ezekiel had been taken away with the captives from Judah by Nebuchadnezzar back to Babylon. Time clues put his ministry as beginning 593 BC. We were reading in Ezekiel recently, but the last three readings, we’ve been back to Jeremiah in Jerusalem, and it’s 587. Beginning with chapter 25, Ezekiel, by the Spirit of God, castigates Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia. These nation states surrounded Judah. Ammon and Moab were to the east, the other side of the Jordan. Edom was to the south, and Philistia to the west and south, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Because these cheered the Babylonian destruction of Judah and Jerusalem, they were being told that they were also going to get theirs, too!

Chapter 25 opens against Ammon. These people, whose origin is recounted in Genesis 19, are no more, as the text said they would be. Ditto Moab, in verses 8 thru 11. Edom, to the south and east, below Ammon and Moab, would be destroyed as well. The chapter closes against the Philistines, who dwelt on the coast, to the south and west of Judah. Gone; they’re all gone, just as Ezekiel had prophesied.

Chapter 29, the first 16 verses, gives us a time clue of 587, and coming right up on 586. It opens against Egypt. The promise had been that those who blessed Israel, God would bless… and those who were a curse to Israel, the Lord would curse. With verses 6 and 7, we learn that Egypt, while promising to be a blessing to Israel, was a curse. And, now, they were due for theirs! But, somewhat like Israel, herself, Egypt would be permitted to come back; and she remains to this day, but not in great splendor as before.

Chapters 30 and 31 take up another lengthier condemnation against Egypt. The time clues in 30:20 and 31:1 tells us we are into 586. With 30:1-9, word clues suggest that this prophesied destruction is fully realized in the coming Tribulation of the end times. After this passage, it is surely of this time of 586, when Babylon took all the region. Chapter 31 speaks to Egypt, to remind it of what Babylon did to Assyria, when it finally fell to Babylon in 605. It took a decade for Assyria to fall to its rival.

We are rapidly coming to the end of the 4th Prophecy of ancient Israel, that of her prophesied unfaithfulness against the Lord. It commenced at Judges 2:10, and about 1400 BC. The Lord has endured her faithlessness and disobedience for 800 years! In all that time, He shows that He is gracious, merciful and long-suffering; but also, that He is faithful to His own promises. And, though He may tarry long, it is only to show that He gives a people every opportunity to turn unto Him in repentance, that He might not have to destroy them. Was there ever a day when you turned to the Lord in repentance and humility? It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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The 7th Prophecy of Israel

Read 236.) Jeremiah 23:1 thru 8, 33:14 thru 26, and 31:27 thru 40. The entire recorded history of ancient Israel in their Hebrew Bible, and our Old Testament, is a story of God giving 7 distinct Promises and Prophecies, and the faithful fulfillment of 6 of those. Within the account, a 7th Promise and Prophecy is told us, but never fulfilled by the end of the Hebrew Bible, and Old Testament. With this reading, we see mention of this 7th Prophecy once again. What is it about?

From the Jeremiah chapter 23 passage, beginning with verse 3, we have, thru verse 8, a future prophetic Millennial passage. The words clues are there. Verse 3 relates to the 6th Promise and Prophecy of Israel’s restoration back into their Promised land, but, verses 5 and 6, go to the 7th Prophecy, and it is of Messiah. He will be a descendant of David, called the righteous Branch. He will be Israel’s King! This is Jesus, and He is now, for all who believe upon Him, The Lord Our Righteousness!

Then, from chapter 33, we have the same thing. Verses 14 thru 22, are of the future. It is unfulfilled prophecy. It, too, is of the Millennium. Note the word clues there. And compare it with the chapter 23 passage, as many of the words are the same, but it is subtly different. What do we see here? The 7th Promise and Prophecy of Messiah. There is a lie, within a good part of Christendom, that God is through with Israel for good, and is only about the Church. This is NOT true! Read the entire passage with this in mind… it is entirely about Israel’s forever future, and God’s role in it! The closing passage of verses 23 thru 26 relates directly to the 6th Promise and Prophecy of Israel’s restoration back into her Promised Land.

We close with the chapter 31 passage. It is filled with even more hope and wonder than the first two! Verses 27 thru 30 relate, again, to the 6th Promise and Prophecy. It is, as I have been saying, the promise of Israel’s restoration back into the land, which commenced when Cyrus gave the Hebrews permission to return, about 539 BC. Then, as with the first two passages just read, we have word clues sufficient to tell us that verse 31, to the end, is of the future Millennial Kingdom. It is the promise of the New Covenant, that God will make with surviving remnant Israel, when Jesus returns for them at the end of the Tribulation to save them. Jesus instituted this New Covenant when He came the first time, 2,000 years ago, and we gentiles, who believe upon Him and have received Him by faith, have been brought into that covenant. These Jews will enter in, when they believe on Him and receive Him at His Second Coming. Again, the Lord promises eternal fealty unto Israel, and the eternal establishment of Israel and Jerusalem, as His people and city. He is not through with Israel! This time will come, and these things will happen. God has promised, and He will do it! He cannot lie. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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Prophecy Fulfillment that You Might Believe!

Read 235.) Jeremiah 33:10 thru 13, and 30:1 thru 31:26. We begin with, perhaps, the sweetest wording concerning the 6th Prophecy about ancient Israel. Though the Lord was just about to cast her out of her Promised Land, in fulfillment of the 5th Prophecy; He was going to restore her, and bring her back into their land, and thus, fulfill His 6th Promise and Prophecy, with this 33:10-13 passage.

It goes on in this same vein with the opening 3 verses of chapter 30, as well. It is this 6th Promise and Prophecy. He said it, and He did it! He’s the Faithful God. Verses 4 thru 9, though, are a whole ‘nother matter. What is this? It is the future period of the Tribulation, here also called ‘the time of Jacob’s trouble’! Word clues are all over this passage. Verses 10 and 11 come back to the present promise of restoration, but beginning with 12, we are told again why these things must befall Israel in the very first place; their great many sins! See how many times He comes back to His promise to them, though, as with verse 16! How the heart of God is expressed over and over. First, He is angry. Then, out of great compassion for His people, He holds out hope to them; all the while desiring that they would turn back unto Him, and deeply repent in abject humility. Chapter 30 then closes, telling Israel that one day, they will understand all that has been said and will be done unto them. We get to understand it now, before it is completely finished in the future, because it has all been plainly foretold unto us, and the Spirit gives us light to see!

Chapter 31 brings even greater hope for Israel’s future in the Millennium. Verses 1 thru 14 hold those word clues, with the very first expression, “At that time…,” and for what is promised here, that this is still reserved for the future, and remains yet unfulfilled. Verse 15, quoted in Matthew’s Gospel, spoke to Herod’s slaughter of the innocents, in Matthew chapter 2. Jerusalem’s walls are just about to be breached by Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian armies. Many will be slaughtered for their unbelief and rebellion. They will not repent, and therefore, cannot be spared. But, as bad as this picture might look, the Lord promised that He would do an amazing thing, to prove His existence and His great love. Something that had never occurred before, in all human history. A people overcome and subsumed would retain their unique ethnic identity, and be restored as a nation, once again, back into their own land. It has never happened before, with any other people, but it did, only for Israel. And, not just once, but has already done so two times! This was God’s doing, just as He has said He would, and it is a marvel to behold. That Israel is now back in her land, is a sign of the end times, and the near fulfillment of the many remaining unfulfilled Tribulation and Millennium prophecies. It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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Jeremiah Confirms the Real Hebrew Bible Story!

Read 234.) Jeremiah 21:1 thru 22:9, 34:1 thru 7, and 32:1 thru 33:9. Yes, Jeremiah would appear to be that chronologically chopped up. But, we have a clear time clue in chapter 21, verse 2. This would appear to be 588 BC, and follows immediately after what was last posted. What is amazing here, is that in the midst of this fiery verbal blast of the sure judgment to come against king and city, there is this one word of hope… it is a call to repentance. See the first part of verses 12? But, He knows their arrogance, and declares it in verse 13. They will not repent! The chapter 22 passage holds out that same hope, if only Zedekiah and his officials would turn to the Lord in deep contrition, humility and repentance! But, it’s not going to happen.

We find a sure time clue in chapter 34, verse 1. The siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar is underway. Zedekiah is told that his capture draws near, and yet he is not penitent. Is it now 587 BC? There is mention of Lachish and Azekah in verse 7, as being only remaining fortified cities left. Their ruins still remain to this day, and I had the privilege of visiting them in March of ’14. You can view them online.

We go to chapter 32, and see a similar time clue. Zedekiah came to the throne in 597 BC. He only reigns for 11 years, and this is his 10th. Nebuchadnezzar rose in 605 BC, and is in his 18th year. It is 587 BC. THIS is that chapter, like Ezekiel chapter 20, that confirms my thesis concerning the real Hebrew Bible story, only more so! You’ll see. But first, Jeremiah, of all times to do so, is instructed to buy a field just before they are going to be wiped out! What? He buys this land for today’s equivalent of $120! As far as the seller was concerned, it was worth next to nothing to him. He was right on that count. This was done to give occasion for the 6th Prophecy concerning Israel. Despite their immanent destruction, the Lord would restore a faithful remnant back into their Promised Land.

Now, note Jeremiah’s prayer, for here is our confirmation of the thesis that all ancient Israel’s history had been foretold and would consist of 7 Promises and Prophecies. Verse 18 tells of Abraham’s many descendants, which was the 1st Prophecy and relates to Gen.12:1 thru Ex.1:7. Verse 21 then tells of the 2nd Prophecy that Israel would be enslaved and delivered. This was from Ex.1:8 thru Josh.5:12. Verse 22 immediately goes to the 3rd Prophecy of bringing Israel into their Promised Land, and commenced at Josh.5:13 to end at Judges 2:9. Then, verse 23 speaks to the 4th Prophecy that Israel would be unfaithful to the Lord and break the covenant they had made with Him at Sinai. This began at Judges 2:10, and was just about now to come to its end in the next year, 586 BC. Verse 24 then goes right to the 5th Prophecy that Israel would be exiled from the land. This began with the 10 northern tribes being removed by Assyria 135 years before, in 722 BC, but more specifically relates to Nebuchadnezzar’s first arrival to Jerusalem in 605 BC, when the Lord’s 70-year countdown for their captivity commenced. Verses 26 thru 29 continue on about the 5th prophecy. Verses 30 thru 35 address the 4th prophecy again. Then, verses 36 thru 44 address the 6th Prophecy of their restoration back into their Promised Land. And what of the 7th Prophecy of Messiah? Jeremiah will speak of Him very soon! Verses 37b thru 42 are clearly Millennial promises. And, as 33:1-9 are further promise of the 6th Prophecy of Israel’s restoration, so, too, are verses 6 thru 9 more Millennial promise, yet to be fulfilled. Our entire Old Testament is one long story of prophecies and their fulfillment. That makes it a miracle Book! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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It’s the Beginning of the Very End of Israel!

Read 232.) Ezekiel 23:1 thru 49, II Kings 24:18 thru 25:1, II Chronicles 36:11 thru 17a, and Jeremiah 39:1 and 52:1-4. Then, read 233.) Ezekiel chapter 24. Judah and Jerusalem have thoroughly angered God! As if Ezekiel chapter 16 hadn’t depicted them in a bad enough light, chapter 23 goes after them again, in a most graphic manner, especially verse 20. They have so defiled themselves in their idolatry, that there is no hope left for them, even in God. They could have had all the health, wealth, victory, peace and prosperity that the Lord had promised them from the very time of Moses. But, instead, they chose false gods and their idols from that very same time, and reaped almost none of the blessing He had promised them. It certainly wasn’t God’s fault. We are all prone to such evil. Only by the grace of God, are we any better than they were. Their time grows very close.

And now it comes! From the Kings, Chronicles and the Jeremiah passages, Zedekiah, the rebel that he was, had rebelled against both God and man, and now God was going to use the man, Nebuchadnezzar, to exact His judgment upon Zedekiah, Judah and Jerusalem. It’s 588 BC. Nebuchadnezzar has arrived at Jerusalem and commenced to lay siege to it. For the next 2 years, Jerusalem is going to descend into the nightmare of a living hell. This is not going to be at all pretty.

Reading 233.) Ezekiel chapter 24. It’s the day of Nebuchadnezzar’s arrival! And, so it would seem, it would also become the day that Ezekiel would become a widower! What? Yes, God took Ezekiel’s wife in that same day, as a sign unto those Hebrews in Babylon, where he was, that they would become as Ezekiel did, when they learn that the very temple of God in Jerusalem is no more. They would feel as if they had just been widowed, but not permitted to customarily mourn. This is the beginning of the very end of Israel. It is the ultimate fulfillment of that which God had prophesied repeatedly thru Moses in Deuteronomy chapters 28, 29, 30 and 31. It is the fulfillment of the 5th Prophecy concerning ancient Israel, finally coming to pass. It will take about 2 more years, but Israel will be dispersed from out of their Promised Land. Moses foretold this in the Spirit approximately 818 years before! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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The Real Hebrew Bible Story!

Read 231.) Ezekiel 19:1 thru 22:31. Within this reading from Ezekiel, and very soon in Jeremiah, too, we will learn that both prophets understand the plan of God for Israel in precisely the manner I have come to realize in recent years, but was never told in any church or school I attended. We get there shortly, but first, chapter 19. It is a lament from beginning to end concerning Israel’s rulers, the sons of King Jehoiakim, they being Jehoiachin and Zedekiah. But, it is precisely here, with chapter 20, first, that we find confirmation of the thesis that God prophesied all of ancient Israel’s history at the beginning of the story, and then saw to its fulfillment throughout all the Old Testament record. It is a story having a 7-point outline. From verse 1, this would seem to be 591 BC. Verse 5 speaks of point 1, Abraham would have many descendants as one nation, Gen.12:1 thru Ex.1:7. Point 2 is in verses 5 and 6, Israel would be enslaved, but set free, Ex.1:8 thru Josh.5:13. From verses 6 and 9, we have the 3rd promise and prophecy that He would bring them into a promised land, Josh.5:13 thru Jud.2:9. Then, beginning at verse 21, we have the 4th point, that Israel would be unfaithful and break the covenant they had made with God, Jud.2:10 to the time of Ezekiel here. This would result in the 5th point and prophecy, with verse 23, that the Lord would remove Israel from out of her land, which was just about to be completed in 5 more years. Then, with verse 34, we come to the 6th point and promise, that God would restore Israel back into her land after a time. Beginning at verse 36, and thru verse 44, He goes to the time of the end, the Millennium, when He will, for a last time, restore Israel’s fortunes under Messiah! But, didn’t God give 7 promises and prophecies? Wait, it’s coming!

Chapter 21 tells of how Babylon is God’s instrument of judgment upon Israel. He is bringing Babylon against Jerusalem and none can stop them, but, what is this in verse 27? Who is this speaking of here? It is an allusion to the 7th promise and prophecy! This is Messiah! It is Jesus, when He returns for His people at the end of the Tribulation. The remainder of the chapter is of how Babylon will do the same unto Ammon, east of Judah, across the Jordan River. Finally, chapter 22, Ezekiel is told by the Lord of the many sins and reasons for her immanent downfall and destruction of Jerusalem. Violence and idolatry are the principal complaints. Violence in the City of Peace! What an irony. There are sexual sins, as well, and altogether, He says they are as worthless dross in precious silver, fit only to be burned away. He sought only one righteous intercessor, who would plead for the people before Him, but found none. Judah and Jerusalem must perish! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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Old Testament Salvation

Read 230.) Ezekiel 15:1 thru 18:32. Chapter 15 is just 8 verses long, but what the Lord is saying is that He brought Babylon against Judah and Jerusalem in 605 BC and again in 597, “burning both ends of the vine and charring it,” but because they had not repented, they will now be thoroughly burned, in 586 BC, when Babylon returns in just a few more short years. Chapter 16 is a very long 63 verses! In the very clearest of picture illustrations, the Lord tells Jerusalem just what they look like in His own eyes, and it is a most ugly picture indeed! Just try to imagine it yourself, as you read it. Is it not of the deepest degradation imaginable? Jerusalem had become worse than the 10 northern tribes of Israel, who were wiped away some 130 years before. They were worse than Sodom, He tells them! They were worse than their pagan neighbors around them. Yet even 59 verses deep into this diatribe, God holds out to them the greatest of future hope! Beginning at verse 60, the Lord gives a promise of a new covenant that He will make with Israel. This will be that covenant of Jeremiah 31:31, and will be fulfilled in Israel when Jesus returns to deliver them at the very end of the Tribulation, yet future.

Chapter 17 speaks directly to wicked King Zedekiah. Just a young man, maybe 26. He’s a wicked rebel against the Lord, and will be against Nebuchadnezzar, too. For this, he will pay most dearly. The last 3 verses are surely a Millennial hope held out for when God will restore the fortunes of Israel on the mountain where Jerusalem resides. The tender sprig being Messiah, who will reign. Then, with chapter 18, we come to that parable of 3 generations, concerning righteousness and wickedness. It is a lesson about repentance, and about unfaithfulness. The entire point is that God is both just… and merciful! To some it would seem unjust, unfair; but these are they who despise God’s mercy. As a wicked sinner, I deserved to die. But, when I turned to the Lord in repentance of my sins, I was forgiven and cleansed, and because I now demonstrate my repentance with good works, I show that I have been saved, and that I will live. Note, too, verse 31, for it speaks of a new heart, so similar to the necessity of the New Testament’s new birth. Jesus said you must be born again. Here Ezekiel, speaking for the Lord, expresses something similar, in that true repentance will result in a turning, change, and transformation of life, as if having received a “new heart and a new spirit.” In this case, not meaning the Holy Spirit, but a new attitude, or frame of mind; one in tune with, and aligned with the Lord. People under the Old Testament economy of things could repent, experience a change of heart, and be saved! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

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