The Real New Testament Message

In April of 1973, I became a Christian. I have been a reader and a student of the Bible ever since. It might seem unusually strange, but it has been only within March, April and May of 2015 that I really came to understand the Real New Testament Message. What, you might ask? No, I knew the message, but it came to me in a whole new manner, which has made it infinitely more understandable and useable, as I hope to explain.

There appears to be 10 Essential Elements to all of the Real New Testament Message. Each element logically; and more importantly, Biblically and spiritually, leads to the other. And the whole connects all the way around to go back to the beginning, as II Peter 3:13 refers to the Kingdom as, “the home of righteousness“! Let me list those 10 Elements first, as an introduction to them. Write them down. Take them with you. They are:

1.) Righteousness

2.) Sin
3.) Judgment

4.) Savior
5.) Gospel

6.) Repent
7.) Believe

8.) New Birth
9.) New Life

10.) Kingdom

Now, of course, there are plenty of other teachings, but this constitutes the Essential matters. The thing to do with these is to commence to read thru the entire New Testament and to catalogue the verses and passages that serve as “proof texts” for these 10 Elements, and see if they don’t make the obvious and logical connection to one another, as well as to greatly heighten your own understanding of the New Testament, and your own ability to share the Message with others. It has done wonders for me, and for others who have accepted the challenge to do just that! It’s what the Book is all about!

Harold F Crowell

5 Responses to The Real New Testament Message

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  2. Augury Harbinger says:

    While I agree with you in full and while being much impressed, my experience with modern Christians is that God’s righteousness is unwelcome and gets swept under the carpet. The Jesus we see in Matthew 23 apparently never existed and some reason that all children of all ages right up to suffrage age are getting a universal blanket pardon. Once one is old enough to discern, you become accountable, I suppose, making it essential to accept Jesus as your Lord, Master, King, Saviour and only actively seek to be doing His will. It is up to the individual to find that salvation and age alone won’t keep you out of hell if you are adamant about being nasty and disrespectful, even if you are 8 or 9 years old. At that age, we know between right and wrong, unlike age two or five. Some get discernment later, some much earlier. Each case upon its own merit but we cannot ever reject of deny the righteousness of God as therein is His Love! The spectacular deaths of Herod, Ananias and Sapphira are evidence of the Spirit of God being the same as in the days of Elijah, Elisha, Ezra or Nehemia. Paul did not write about a Jesus covered in marshmallow candy, after all.

  3. Thank you, Augury! Well said. I’ve met many a believer who testified to coming to saving faith in the Savior as early as the ages of 4 and 5!

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